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Ario from Artax Games and Vata Games is an indie 2.5 action platformer in which you must go on a quest to save your mother. Learn more in our Ario review!

Ario from Artax Games and Vata Games is an indie 2.5 action platformer in which you must go on a quest to save your mother. You’ll be going on a quest in a steampunk version of Persia in which you’ll need to run, jump, and wall jump your way through a variety of locations in order to find a way to overcome hazards and avoid – or defeat – the evil guards, mechanical monsters and entities out to get you.

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You’ll control the titular character with the left analog stick as you run through each area. You can jump with the X button, and there’s a dash attack you can use with the Square button. Do know this attack will consume a third of your stamina. This dash can also be used while jumping, which can be useful when taking on some of the platforming segments in the game. Ario can also wall jump as needed.

To aim with the bow, press the R1 button and use the right analog stick. Releasing the button will allow you to shoot. Press the L1 button to switch between arrows and bombs. While up in the air, you can press the Circle button to perform a stomp. This can be used to attack enemies, as well as to open up new paths. Yes, the stomp does require some of your stamina. There’s also a roll mapped to the R2 button, which can be used to dodge enemies.

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Ario has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy for you to work on. The list has 11 Gold trophies for you to work on. The objectives are jumping over the first hill in the game, reaching the castle, defeating 20 enemies with arrows, completing the castle walls, reaching the lonely platform over the tree in level 1, getting the crossbow, destroying all engine valves, getting the armor plates, destroying the robot in the courtyard, defeating an enemy by making a box fall on it and reaching the trap-filled temple.

I ran into a couple of issues during my time with Ario. The first time, the game decided that Ario should run into a wall after sliding down a platform, which made him keep running after clipping through the wall, with no inputs working. The only way to fix this was to quit back to the PS5 main menu, close the game, and relaunch to continue from the last save. The second time, the jump button stopped working for no reason. To fix this, I had to pause the game and reload from the last checkpoint. There were also times when the music stopped playing, and the game remained in silence for a few minutes.

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Ario is an indie 2.5 action platformer in which you must go on a quest to save your mother. As you explore a steampunk version of Persia, you will need to make the most of Ario’s abilities and weapons to defeat the enemies that stand on your path. The game certainly had potential, and there are many things that the developer could have done to enhance this experience. Some collectibles here and there during platforming segments. Some extra bug squashing before release. Adding more configuration options to the menu so that gamers could tailor their experience. Some enemy variety. Having more bosses. Anything really. Ario is out on PlayStation 5 with a $12.49 price tag.

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This Ario review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Artax Games.

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