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BlazeRush from Targem Games is a fast-paced arcade-style isometric survival racer on PlayStation 4. Learn more in our BlazeRush review!

BlazeRush from Targem Games is a fast-paced arcade-style isometric survival racer on PlayStation 4. Your goal is simple: complete three laps and cross the finish line ahead of your opponents. If you’re behind the group, you should collect crates with nitro-boosters so that you can catch up. And no, the leader won’t be able to collect these crates since they will spawn behind the leader so as not to provide an unfair advantage.

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You can play through BlazeRush on your own, in local four-player multiplayer, or online multiplayer for up to eight players. Do know that for the online multiplayer, you’ll need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription – either Essential, Extra or Premium will do the trick. For each race that you take on, you can win up to three cups in total, depending on whether you finish the race in first, second, or third place.

Once you’re ready to go, you’ll control your vehicle with the left analog stick as you use the R1, R2, X, or Triangle buttons to try and boost past your opponents. You can fire your weapon with the L1, L2, Square, and Circle buttons as needed so that you can come out on top. Simple, right? What weapons will you be able to gain access to during a race? You can use an autogun to shoot down your opponents with 20 bullets, deadly spinning buzzsaws, quick-fire rocket boosters, or some slime to slow down opponents.

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For each vehicle you can drive, there will be a different pilot at the helm. You will also need to consider the values for the three different stats that will determine each vehicle’s potential. Said stats are Mass, Acceleration, and Handleability. Be sure to take as many vehicles as possible for a spin so that you can find the one that best suits your playing style so that you can have a better chance of winning.

Unfortunately, the game does not have a full trophy list. You’ll have to work your way through a list of 23 Bronze trophies. What objectives will you need to complete for the Platinum? You can drop a slime while in the lead, spend 2 seconds up in the air, manage to jump from last place to win the race 5 seconds before the finish, overtake the leader in the last second of the race, hit yourself with every weapon, join an online tournament, die one hundred times, and destroy dozens of cars with each weapon, to name some examples.

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BlazeRush is a fast-paced arcade-style survival racer. As you take on three laps to make it to the finish line in the first three spots, you’ll need to make the most of your vehicle’s stats as well as use boosts for a good speed increase or weapons that can aid you in gaining the upper hand. BlazeRush is out on PlayStation 4 with a $9.99 price tag. There’s also the Star Track DLC available for $9.99. This takes the racing to space with a new campaign with 30 new missions, spaceships as new vehicles, new weapons, and a massive spaceship as an enemy.

This BlazeRush review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Targem Games.

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