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Rose and Camelia Collection from WayForward and NIGORO brings us a fun slap-fight anthology on Nintendo Switch. Check our Rose and Camellia Collection review!

Rose and Camelia Collection from WayForward and NIGORO brings us a fun slap-fight anthology on Nintendo Switch. Yes, you did read that right. A slap-fight anthology from the studio that has given us cult classic La-Mulana and its sequel La-Mulana 2, alongside indie studio WayForward, who you definitely know from the beloved Shantae series and a variety of other awesome games. For this project, we’ll be taking on the story of Reiko, who marries Shunsuke from the noble Tsubakikoji family… only to lose him on the following day.

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As tragedy strikes, Reiko realizes she must look inside for all of her strength so that she can show the rest of the family that she has what it takes to become the leader of the family. She thusly declares the following:

“I am the widow of the eldest son of the Tsubakikoji family. This house is mine!”

As she clutches the rose that Shunsuke gave her, she decides to square off against the entire household in a series of one-on-one slap fights.

The rules for these fights are simple: slap your opponent as hard and fast as you can so that you can drain their energy before they defeat you. Along with the slapping, you’ll be able to dodge incoming attacks and counterattack as needed… but so can your opponents! If you think about it, it’s sorta going to feel like a turn-based Punch-Out!!, which gives you an overall idea of what you’re about to get yourself into. It sounds simple, but there’s certainly a bit of strategy for you to consider!

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Since, as you’ve seen in this Rose and Camellia Collection review, the word Collection is right there in the title, that means there’s more than one game for you to play, right? And you’d be correct! Along with Rose & Camellia and its sequel, the aptly titled Rose & Camellia 2, you also get access to Rose & Camellia vs. La-Mulana, a cross-over between Rose and Camellia and the La-Mualana series. On top of that, and for the first time, we’re also getting to play sequels Rose & Camellia 3 and Rose & Camellia 4. That’s five games in total!

Since the game is on Nintendo Switch, that means you can play either with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con with motion controls or by using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode, or if playing this one on a Nintendo Switch Lite. You can learn the basics in the Slap Room as you train under Torie, who is in charge of the lady training for the Tsubakikoji family. To become a proper noble lady, you must participate in the traditional sport of slapping. Just remember that slapping is only allowed when something unforgivable happens!

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The right manner of slapping is to slap someone one slap at a time. You need to keep an eye out on the meter in the upper left corner of the screen so that you slap when it shows a rose. Your action will be considered as a slap even if you miss it or if you end up delivering a weak slap. When it’s your opponent’s turn – which you can know about thanks to the camellia in the upper left corner of the screen – your options will be to either dodge out of the way or fail and be slapped. To succeed, you will need to pay attention to your opponent so that you can find and slap their weak point. In the case of Torie, you will need to aim at her temple to land a critical hit.

Rose and Camelia Collection from WayForward and NIGORO brings us a fun slap-fight anthology. With five games in total – Rose & Camellia, Rose & Camellia 2, Rose & Camellia vs. La-Mulana, Rose & Camellia 3, and Rose & Camellia 4 – with great art, anime-style intro and ending, as well as voice acting for the 30+ characters you’ll meet. Rose and Camelia Collection lands tomorrow on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 price tag. You can also go and check out the physical versions from Limited Run Games.

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This Rose and Camelia Collection review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by WayForward.

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