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Sequel Freedom Planet 2 from GalaxyTrail and XSEED Games is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Check out our Freedom Planet 2 review!

Sequel Freedom Planet 2 from GalaxyTrail and XSEED Games is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. If you’re new to this series, it’s a 2D action platformer set of games that take place in the world of Avalice where an anthropomorphic group of characters will need to give it their all to save the planet from impending doom after the evil supersoldier Merga awakens from her crystal prison deep in the ocean. The games pay homage to classic franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, and Gunstar Heroes, which is easy to understand after checking out the screens and trailer in this Freedom Planet 2 review.

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GalaxyTrail took the original Freedom Planet to Kickstarter back in early 2013, seeking a very modest $2,000 for the game’s development. It was a small goal that was easily surpassed after the project’s second day on the crowdfunding platform. When the campaign was over, and thanks to the support of over 1,100 backers, there was $25,000+ in pledges. After launching on Nintendo Switch in 2018, it’s now time to dive into part 2! I had fun playing the prequel on Nintendo Switch for our Freedom Planet review, so I was definitely ready to check this one out.

The trio of characters from the previous game – Lilac, Carol, and Milla, are joined by Neera. As was the case last time, each of the characters will have a different special for you to consider, which does change how you approach things. Lilac has the Dragon Boost, which gives her a bump in speed. Carol has the Jump Disc, which makes it easier to reach new heights. Milla can take advantage of her Barrier to keep her safe. As for Neera, she has access to powerful Frost Arts to punish her opponents.

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The controls for Freedom Planet 2 are simple and to the point so that you can easily focus on the action on the screen. You’ll control the character of your choice by using the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping with the B button and attacking with the Y button. You can also guard against incoming attacks as long as you time it just right. This is done by pressing the X, L, or ZL buttons. Your special will be activated by pressing the A, R, or ZR buttons.

The game can be played in one of three difficulty settings: Begginer, Normal, and Expert. For Beginner, you will start with the Element Burst and Crystals to Petals items equipped, and the cost for continuing will be set to 50. You’ll also have auto guard activated by default. Normal offers the standard experience, balanced to not feel overwhelming. If you take on the Expert difficulty setting, continues will cost more, and there will be no auto guard option.

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If you played Freedom Planet, you might notice some changes to the presentation for this new one. Thanks to the new art style and reworked character art, as well as the extra work put into each of the locations you visit, Freedom Planet 2 manages to improve over what its prequel did by giving us a bigger and better adventure with slicker art that more easily separates it from its Sonic the Hedgehog homage roots. Your mileage may vary on this, but for me, it feels like a welcomed change.

To make this game as accessible as possible to a wider range of gamers, Freedom Planet 2 has a series of customization options for you to consider. You can activate auto guard to make it easier to avoid damage. There’s also the possibility of removing knockback when you’re hit, which can certainly make it easier to avoid down a bottomless pit! Two other options offer you the chance to activate free revivals or to make it so that continues are cheaper to activate. Will you choose any of them?

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Sequel Freedom Planet 2 is definitely one worth checking out on Nintendo Switch. This new game improves on what its predecessor set out to do, giving us a new art style, a new character, and rebalanced gameplay mechanics that make it everything you’d want in a sequel. The game is also fully voice-acted, which helps to convey each character’s personality better. Freedom Planet 2 is out on Nintendo Switch with a $29.99 price tag.

This Freedom Planet 2 review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by XSEED Games.

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