[PlayStation 5] Froggie – A Retro Platformer Review

by Ceidz, Owner

Froggie – A Retro Platformer from eastasiasoft and Vergiu Games is a minimalist 2D game in which you’ll play as a frog. Check out our Froggie – A Retro Platformer review!

Return to a simpler style of platforming action in Froggie – A Retro Platformer, a side-scroller presented in minimalistic black-and-white style where you take the role of an anthropomorphic frog as he leaps his way through 100 challenging levels! Run, wall jump and wall slide with fluid pixel art animation as you hop on enemies’ heads, avoid spike traps and more!

Froggie – A Retro Platformer from eastasiasoft and Vergiu Games is a new retro-looking monochromatic platformer in which you’ll be controlling the titular frog on its way through different levels. Your objective is quite simple: run and jump to reach the end of each level until you reach the end of the game. There’s no backstory in this arcade-style journey.

You’ll move Froggie with the left analog stick or the D-Pad – which I preferred since it felt more precise. You can jump with the X button, and there are also wall jumps. I liked how the controls were tight, and you also have air control to aim where you’ll land after each jump. There are not a lot of different obstacles, and after a few levels, you’ll likely have seen all of them: pits with spikes on the bottom, a (relatively small) set of enemies, elevators, and lasers. I would definitively have liked more different obstacle types.

Froggie - A Retro Platformer PS4 Review

With that being said, the game is generous with its checkpoints, albeit I thought it sometimes felt inconsistent having them around easy platforming segments. In contrast, some others require you to complete a perfectly clean run, and then a few levels later, it’s back to more than needed. There are 50 levels, and once they are completed, the game loops back with the same levels but reversed. You shouldn’t take more than 30 to 45 minutes to get through all of them, so it’s a quick game to take on.

While playing this game, I noticed a few minor annoying issues. The first one was when you press the Options button to pause the game, you’ll immediately go back to the main menu. As you want to resume your game, you’ll press play, and you’ll be back at the very first level. You’ll then have to return to the main menu again and select the level you were. I see no reason to move you back to the main menu if you only want to pause the game.

Froggie - A Retro Platformer PS5 Review

Another annoying issue is with the level design on stages spanning more than one screen. The scrolling separation is often made upwards, so you’ll have to wall jump to get there, but as the screen moves, you lose your jump momentum, and you’ll likely miss your jump, scrolling back to the screen underneath. It happened often enough that it got annoying by the time I’d completed the game.

On the presentation side, the game is monochromatic, with only white elements on top of a dark background. The background theme was surprisingly catchy and interesting, but it’s only a single 2 minutes song that loops and got old by the time I made it to the end. The sound level was also too low, which required me to increase the volume on my TV. This is usually fine, but the game’s volume is so low that, in turn, it makes the PlayStation trophy sound effect way too loud when it pops.

Being an eastasiasoft game, you can expect to obtain a new easy Platinum trophy for your collection. Since the game is Cross-Buy with separate trophy lists, you can achieve a second one if you own a PlayStation 5 console. Obtaining it is very simple and only requires you to reach the last level of the game: level 50. The game is easy, and there are no traps, but if you want some extra info, you can check out this Froggie Trophy Guide.

Froggie - A Retro Platformer PlayStation Review

Froggie – A Retro Platformer is a short retro-looking platformer that was fun to play but had little to offer outside of the few different traps and enemies you’ll encounter over and over again. If you’re looking for a short platformer, then this one could be an option since it’s a Cross-Buy title at a budget price of only $4.99.

This Froggie – A Retro Platformer review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by eastasiasoft.

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