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CLeM from Mango Protocol and Iceberg Interactive is a narrative-driven Puzzlevania and the latest entry in the Psychotic Adventure series. Check our CLeM review!

CLeM from Mango Protocol and Iceberg Interactive is a narrative-driven Puzzlevania and the latest entry in the Psychotic Adventure series. As your character – who looks like a huge sack dol with a zipper on the back of its head – comes to at a seemingly abandoned house, you find yourself near a peculiar book with the word “CLeM” on its cover. As you explore each area in this new adventure, you’ll be drawn by the game’s hand-drawn art, its sound design, and the puzzles that stand in your way. How dark will things go? You’ll have to play this one to find out!

After you wake up and hear the words “bring me beauty,” you’ll be able to control your character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, interacting with objects or other characters by pressing the A button as needed. You’ll notice a notebook nearby. Collect it, and you’ll be able to review the different attributes to keep in mind as you explore each location. Since beauty is what you’re being asked to find, it will be glowing in the notebook. Interact with it to learn that you’re expected to find a butterfly.

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Once you’re looking at your notebook, you’ll be able to move between sections by pressing the L and R buttons. The ZL and ZR buttons will be used to flip through and look at individual pages. You will learn, for example, that a bee is considered to have the loyalty attribute. Flip through a couple of extra pages, and you’ll run into a page for the beetle, an insect that is connected to the strength attribute.

By pressing the Y button, you’ll open up your inventory. From there, you can review the items you’ve collected so far. Since this one has point and click adventure game elements, you’ll have to use items to solve puzzles, as well as combine – or separate! – items to complete specific objectives. You could, for example, find a jar with some nails – or, as your character refers to them, little pointy metal sticks. You can’t use the nails while they’re inside the jar, so you’re going to have to separate them!

Something interesting about the game is that as you explore and interact with objects, you’ll start to add notes and sketches to the CLeM notebook. Some of these will help to remind you about the puzzles you have to solve, while others will add some extra commentary on what you interact with while giving you a better idea of just how dark things can end up getting. Make good use of this info so that you can start to unlock the doors with each attribute’s symbol so that you can progress further and further in the game.

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Without spoiling things too much, allow me to discuss the first series of events that will allow you to collect a butterfly. When you find the butterfly, it will quickly fly into the house. Since it flew in through a window, your instinct will tell you that shutting that broken window will allow you to capture the butterfly. But in order to do that, you’ll have to find a nail gun and combine it with the nails you found inside the jar. That way, you’ll nail the window shut!

Once that’s been taken care of, you can close the other window and walk back into the house. When you find the butterfly, it will fly toward a different room since that’s what butterflies do. What comes next is a series of events during which you’ll need to locate a key for a specific drawer, collect what’s inside of said drawer, use the metal piece you found to solve a puzzle, and then use the piece of glass you’re rewarded with to fix the Lens of Truth.

The Lens of Truth is a very peculiar item that will allow you to see things that are invisible to the naked eye, and it will be vital for your journey. The first time you use it will be to reveal the content hidden on the pages of a faded book. It’s thanks to its contents that you’ll learn about a particular type of flower that can be used to lure in the butterfly you need as a representation of the beauty attribute. Place the flowers

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This one has an in-game achievement to work on. As expected, most of these achievements show up on the list as a Secret Achievement, which is the game’s way of trying not to spoil things for you. Since there are 14 of these Secret Achievements, let’s talk about the 4 that are open for your consideration. Sharp-Eared asks that you open a complex lock on your first attempt. Next Stop requires you to use all of the teleportation circles in the game. Equivalent Exchange pops up when you discover a memory for the first time. Research Project unlocks once you have filled up your notebook with all possible notes.

CLeM is a narrative-driven Puzzlevania and the latest entry in the Psychotic Adventure series. It’s billed as a Puzzlevania, which means you’ll be taking on the classic point and click adventure game formula as you collect items and combine – or separate them – as needed so that you can complete puzzles as you progress further and further by collecting the items that match the attribute required to continue following the orders of the little magical girl who commands you. The story has some dark twists here and there, so it’s not going to be for everyone. CLeM is out on Nintendo Switch with a $15.99 price tag.

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This CLeM review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Iceberg Interactive.

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