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A Void Hope from Elden Pixels is a 2D atmospheric narrative adventure in which you must find a cure for a collapsed city. Learn more in our A Void Hope review!

A Void Hope from Elden Pixels is a 2D atmospheric narrative adventure in which you must find a cure for a collapsed city. An unknown virus has taken over people’s lives, and it’s up to you to find a way to try and bring things back to how they used to be. It’s the story of Glinda and Keegan and how people around them have turned grey and lifeless. As you run through each level, you’ll find spots you can’t explore further until you find the correct item.

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As soon as you boot up the game and start to explore the city, you’ll run into people who turn into weird shadow entities that will try to grab you. You’ll need to find a different route to take to avoid them, which will end up taking you underground… and into the darkness. These dark characters that want to eat your soul are referred to as Empties since, thanks to the virus, there’s nothing left inside them that is worth worrying about.

You’ll control your character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping with the B button. Pressing up will allow you to enter doors. You can push crates by moving closer to them to get them out of the way or use them to reach higher spots. Once you find a gun, you can aim by pressing the R button, using the left analog stick or the D-Pad to line up your shot before pressing the Y button. This can be used to hit a switch that would otherwise be out of reach. The gun can also be used to shoot an Empty to momentarily remove it from play so that you can safely cross the path it guards.

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For each area that you explore, you’ll have a series of objectives to complete. You will need to find the exit that can allow you to progress further and reach a new area. On top of that(, you might need to find an item – like the aforementioned gun – or locate a memory. There will also be some more specific objectives, such as unlocking a vault computer. You might be unable to complete all objectives due to your first visit since you won’t have all the necessary items to open all paths.

Take, for example, the boarded-up doors you’ll find. If only you could locate a crowbar to remove them, you’d then be able to reach an extra switch or two that will open the doors that will lead you toward completing the objectives you missed the first time you completed this or that level. It adds a bit of a Metroidvania vibe to the whole experience, even if you’re not exploring an interconnected world as was the case of previous games from Elden Pixels, such as the excellent Alwa’s Legacy, which I got a chance to review on Nintendo Switch.

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A Void Hope from Elden Pixels is a 2D atmospheric narrative adventure that focuses on the story of Gilda and Keegan, the virus that has taken over everyone’s lives, and the memories lost to it. This one has a bit of a Metroidvania vibe, but it’s a more linear and shorter experience than the studio’s other releases. Will you be able to find a cure? The game’s synthwave soundtrack also helps to set the mood for this journey. A Void Hope is out on Nintendo Switch with a $15.99 price tag.

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This A Void Hope review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Elden Pixels.

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