Chill Puzzler Match Village Out Today

by EdEN, Owner

Chill puzzler Match Village from QUByte Interactive and Rising Moon Games is out today on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Match Village is a minimalist puzzle and strategy game about combining buildings to build villages on beautiful, randomly generated islands.

Combine buildings to create your villages and cities on endless islands scattered around the world and enjoy the minimalist and relaxing atmosphere, with no management of resources or armies, just focus on building.

Match Village Review - 1

Match Village Features:

Different and intuitive gameplay.

Infinite randomly generated islands.

A minimalist and relaxing atmosphere.

Just build, don’t worry about armies or resource management.

Great to play from time to time, discover new islands, buildings and beat your record.

Match Village Review - 2

Match Village Review - 3

Match Village Review - 4

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