Cybertrash STATYX On Its Way To Consoles

by EdEN, Owner

Sometimes You and Frost Team are getting ready for next month’s launch of 2D action platformer Cybertrash STATYX on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Run, jump, slide, destroy enemies, gain experience points, upgrade your character – Jenet, who is trying to escape from the corporation.

In the distant future, the industrial part of the world has separated from nature and built its infrastructure through the activities of local corporations. Robots are used to control the population. All those who disagree with the dictatorship of corporations united in opposition. The corporate response keeps pace with technological progress, and the population is condemned to cyborgization.

People are abducted and modified by installing neural manipulators in various ways. Due to the limited resource of chips, the newly-minted cyborgs also take control of the unmodified population. Captured people have their memories erased and turned into cyborgs. The opposition is weakening.

As the main character, Janet, you plunge into the depths of events, trying to remember the past and escape from the clutches of the corporation. Uncover the conspiracy against humanity!

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Cybertrash STATYX Features:


Move deeper into the levels, destroying numerous ordinary robots, powerful cyborgs, killer machines and evil bosses. Use the tactical element of firefights, the environment and the abilities of the character. You will be accompanied by light and heavy types of weapons with different statistics and principles of action.

Upgrade system

Gain experience and credits by destroying enemies, so you can improve your character’s performance.

Improved agility will increase the character’s acrobatic abilities

Weapon skills will increase the rate of fire and reduce spread

Luck will neutralize some of the enemy shots

Hacker ability will open access to more weapon boxes

Miner ability will increase the number of credits you get

Improve your character to fight back against strong enemies and don’t consider the weak ones as enemies at all!

We’ll be working on a review for Cybertrash STATYX from Sometimes You and Frost Team, so be sure to stick around at

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Cybertrash STATYX Review - 3

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