Turret Rampage Out On Consoles

by EdEN, Owner

Arcade-style shoot ’em up with tower defense elements Turret Rampage from eastasiasoft and Khud0 is ready to go on PS and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Defend humanity from subterranean monsters as the last standing turret! Turret Rampage is a shoot’em up game with tower defense elements. You are a defensive turret, the only unit that stands between the remnants of humanity and the fierce underground invaders.

Repel enemy waves by quickly moving between their tunnels and using the right weapons for every foe. The more you anger the outlandish creatures, the stronger will be the forces they send to break through your defenses. Use quick-thinking strategy, a varied arsenal of shot types and even an artificial earthquake to survive waves of baddies and move deeper underground!

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Turret Rampage Features:

Take command as the last line of defense between humanity and fierce underground invaders!

Move quickly between tunnels to destroy enemies in sequence before they reach your position.

Change shot types to take down enemies more efficiently!

Use your special artificial earthquake weapon to shake things up and turn the tide of battle.

Survive waves to reach higher levels, each more challenging than the last!

Don’t forget to ion-5-turret-rampage-review/” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>check out our Turret Rampage review, as well as our Turret Rampage Trophy Guide!

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