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by Ceidz, Owner

Happi Basudei from Xeneder Team is a retro-looking arcade game that includes a fairly quick Platinum. Is it worth the ride? Check our Happi Basudei review to find out!

Oldschool platformer which you found on a random untitled cartridge. In this game, you can win by doing nothing! Well… Except evading.

Happi Basudei from Xeneder Team is a retro-looking arcade-style game that looks as if it was running on a Nintendo Entertainment System – that would be the beloved NES – with a CRT effect applied to your screen. In case you were wondering, the game’s title, “Happi Basudei,” stands for Happy Birthday.

As soon as the game begins, you’ll be presented with a two-liner explaining your objectives. Read them quickly, as they will never be shown again! What do you need to do then? Do not kill frogs and snails, and do not collect coins as well. The game started immediately after, and while the concept seemed simple enough, I was highly confused as to why I kept failing levels.

The thing is, we’ve been drilled since our early gaming days – 35 years in my case – to collect coins in any game, so a game asking you to avoid them is confusing, to say the least. And to add to the insult, as the level ends, it will not tell you what you didn’t do correctly and will just loop the level over and over again until you figure it out yourself. So, the gameplay is basically asking you to avoid everything until the timer runs out. Don’t miss the two-liner tutorial in the beginning!

Happi Basudei PS4 PS5 Review

As I mentioned, coins are not meant to be collected, and you even get points in this game for collecting them. It felt like the game was made with the gameplay idea in mind, and the developer noticed it was too easy and added this condition at the last minute to extend the gameplay time. This is the most awkward and annoying gameplay idea I’ve seen in a while. Coins should have been replaced by a negative item. Anything other than coins could have done the trick, really.

The game’s presentation felt exactly like looking at an NES game on an old CRT monitor, and the developer went the extra mile to add an effect that looks like the console is hooked to an old-school cable, which was mainstream in the 80s. The background soundtrack feels like it was made with the NES sound design in mind, but the music in itself was not very good. The level design is very simple and is a single screen with everything on it at once. There are 9 levels in total, and they all look similar, but the enemies become increasingly harder to dodge as you progress.

This game features a Platinum trophy -only one since the game is not Cross-Buy – and it was one of the most annoying Platinum trophies I’ve achieved due to the issues I detailed. It basically asks you to complete all levels, which should not take too long once you get the hang of the gameplay loop. In case you require some help, you can refer to this Happi Basudei Trophy Guide.

Happi Basudei PlayStation Review

Happi Basudei is a simple retro-looking arcade-style game with an annoying gameplay idea asking you to avoid everything until the level’s timer runs out. I didn’t like this idea since coins – for example – are meant to be collected in any other game you might have ever played. Do yourself a favor and avoid this game that is being sold with a $4.99 price tag.

This Happi Basudei review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Xeneder Team.

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