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Trinity Fusion from Angry Mob Games is a 2.5D fast-paced action game set in a dying multiverse. Will you be able to restore the worlds? Check our Trinity Fusion review!

Take control of your parallel selves on a mission to save the dying multiverse. Explore dark, sci-fi worlds and engage in fast-paced, smooth and precise combat.

Trinity Fusion from Angry Mob Games is a 2.5D action roguelike set in a multiverse between four worlds: the Underworld, the Overworld, the Upper World, and Prime. In this game, machines take over the Upper World, and humanity is sent to the Under World. As humans are losing territory, you’ll be summoned to save the multiverse.

You’ll eventually get to control three different characters, and you’ll begin with Maya. As is the case with the other characters, you’ll have the pleasure of traveling between the worlds as you progress through each storyline. Keep in mind that this game is an action roguelike, and that means exactly what you think: die, and your character will be back at the beginning of its story.

Every time your character dies, it will be back at the Citadel, which is kind of a hub between the different worlds. You’ll get some story insight from the NPCs that are there and will be able to purchase permanent upgrades for your character, so you’ll progressively become more and more capable of diving into the world.

Trinity Fusion PS5 Review

On the gameplay side, you’re looking at a 2.5D action game. You can damage enemies with the Square button for your normal attack, and using the Triangle button enables your character to use an energy attack, which is stronger but must be replenished by using regular attacks as it drains quickly. I liked that your arsenal is often upgraded by treasure chests on the levels, and you’ll see how better (or worse) your new weapon is so you can select which one you prefer accordingly. As far as the difficulty goes, there are three levels, and I definitely recommend you begin with Easy until you understand the game mechanics.

This game uses a procedurally generated engine that generates a fresh level every time you enter a world. I liked the idea of having dynamic levels, but I quickly thought it became redundant when I noticed it was always the same platforms, ladders, and general layout. Once you move to another world, it’s still the same layout but with a different background and a mix of returning and stronger enemies. If you want to fully explore each zone, there are a few warp points that can quickly bring you back to an explored place.

Apart from the generic level design, I also had another minor issue, mainly within the Citadel: often, you’ll get bits of lore or story elements in audio logs, but most of the time, I accidentally interrupted them by doing another action. They do not resume and do not restart either, which was annoying.

Trinity Fusion PlayStation Review

The game itself has a nice presentation and looks great. I already mentioned the level design, but the backgrounds of each zone, albeit repetitive, were nice to discover. The soundtrack is also great for this kind of game. I thought that the loading times were on the high side even though I was playing the PlayStation 5 version of this game on an NVMe, which is slightly faster than the default onboard storage.

This game has a ton of trophies and also includes a Platinum. The list includes 38 Bronze trophies, 4 Silver trophies, and 4 Gold trophies. Trophies are unlocked as you progress through the worlds, through the story, unlock permanent augments in the Citadel, and eventually clear the game. This game is Cross-Buy between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions, so if you have a PlayStation 5 console, you can download both versions, with each one having its own trophy list for you to work on.

Trinity Fusion PS4 Review

Trinity Fusion is a 2.5D roguelike action game in which you’ll have to progress through different worlds to save them from dying. I liked the 2.5D game engine and presentation, as well as having 3 different characters to play out, but I thought that while the level design is procedurally generated, the levels themselves mostly looked the same. This is still a fun game that is easy to recommend for its gameplay. Trinity Fusion is out as a Cross-Buy title with a $19.99 price tag.

This Trinity Fusion review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Angry Mob Games.

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