[PlayStation 5] South Park Pinball Review

by EdEN, Owner

I’m goin’ down to South Park gonna have myself a time. Are you in for a good time? Then check out our Pinball FX South Park Pinball review!

It’s been a while since I got a chance to dive back into Pinball FX from Zen Studios, and now it’s time to check out South Park Pinball, which brings us two tables based on the beloved quirky, long-running animated series. Are you ready to go on not one but two new pinball adventures on PlayStation? You’ll be joining Cartmant, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Butters, and many more, as you whack the ball with the flippers to boost your score as high as possible. Your two table options will be South Park: Butters Very Own Pinball Game and South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball.

South Park Pinball Review - Butters 1

South Park: Butters Very Own Pinball Game features Butters and the gang right there front and center. You’ll be working on completing the five main modes to unlock Imaginationland in the table’s Wizard mode. For Going Native, Butters will be traveling to Hawaii for his Hapa Noa ceremony and will make good use of the multiball to save his kind. The Ungroundable sees Butters turning into a vampire in order to avoid being grounded – you know, as one does. Can you shoot all lanes and collect all vampire accessories?

South Park Pinball Review - Butters 2

Next up is Marjorine, in which Butters dresses up as a girl to try and steal the Future Telling Device found at an all-girls sleepover. Hit the lit targets to avoid being caught! In Last of the Meheecans, you’ll have to help some people cross the border as you hit the lanes to keep the Texans from catching the Mexicans. The last one is a separate mini pinball table known as Chaos vs. Coon and Friends. Assemble the superhero team by shooting each lane twice and save the day before it’s too late!

And now, let’s talk about the South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball table. By completing the game modes, you’ll be able to collect all of the South Park letters and activate Wizard mode. There’s Stan’s Digestive Problem, for which you must collect all S-T-A-N letters and hit the right orbit to keep him from throwing up. Sarcastaball takes place at the upper right corner of the screen and asks that you shoot the ball to collect all the letters in the word so that you can then hit the red balloons.

South Park Pinball Review - 3

The Losing Edge will have you taking on Bat Bad as you hit with the ball to land some jabs and knock him out. ManBearPig has you grabbing the letters in that word from the side orbits to then hit the center lane to escape. Mr. Hankey Multiball will have you collect all K-Y-L-E letters to then hit the mini ramp to lock 3 balls so that you can activate the always handy multiball. For Cartman’s Probe, you’ll need to collect all letters and C-A-R-T-M-A-N so that you can then aim at the spinner to complete the probe so that the visitors can land. Destroy all spaceships to win!

Chef’s Romantic Mode will have the kids asking Chef for some advice. Hit the door, collect the C-H-E-F letters, and then bring some ladies to Chef to go out on a date with. Another one is the Road Trip Multiball, which is started once you collect all S-C-H-O-O-L B-U-S letters so that you can lock four balls to activate the mode. The last one on the list for you to activate Wizard mode is Shoot Kenny! Collect all K-E-N-N-Y letters and then have him popping up at five different spots so that you can boost your score and add another letter to South Park.

Unlike pinball tables and pinball packs made available for the other pinball platforms from Zen Studios, there are no additional trophies to work on during your time with this one. That means you’ll still be working on unlocking all the trophies included in the base Pinball FX. The list is split into 7 Bronze trophies, a single Silver trophy, and 2 Gold trophies. You’ll have to post a score in any official event, create your own tournament, unlock all rewards for a season, earn a gold or diamond event cup, unlock a table award, score 1,000,000,000 in total playing your tables, and play all game modes on a table. Unlocking your first collectible item, customize your profile with a badge, a frame, and a background, and play a game on any table. You will be unlocking collectibles and an award as you play each table, so you’ll at least get to see a pop-up every now and then.

South Park Pinball Review - 4

South Park Pinball is available for Pinball FX at a $9.99 asking price to add it to your collection. There’s also the option of taking the table for a spin as part of the Pinball FX Pinball Pass, either with a 30 day monthly pass for 150 Pinball Coins – which retails for $14.99 – or within a one-year pass for 1,200 Pinball Coins – which retails for $99.99. The Pinball Pass will also give you access to dozens of other tables, so if you’re a pinball fan, it’s certainly great value.

This South Park Pinball review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Zen Studios.

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