[Nintendo Switch] 8-Colors Star Guardians + Review

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8-Colors Star Guardians + from Andrea Demetrio and Flynn’s Arcade is an old-school-infused tokusatsu-inspired turn-based RPG on Switch. Check our 8-Colors Star Guardians + review!

8-Colors Star Guardians + from Andrea Demetrio and Flynn’s Arcade is an old-school-infused tokusatsu-inspired turn-based RPG on Switch. Because of this, it’s a game that has a plot you can probably guess: aliens have invaded Earth, and it’s up to the mighty Star Guardians, an elite group of heroines, to battle against the eight deadly gigantic enemies. The game takes a page from the Mega Man series since you can fight against the bosses in any order, and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with skills that you can then use against subsequent bosses.

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The group consists of Rhea, V’iri, Juni, Dua, and Bree, who, after a short sequence, transform into the powerful Star Guardians. You won’t be able to use all five to fight against each boss since there are also minions for you to worry about! Because of this, the plan is for three Star Guardians to go up against a boss while the remaining two stay behind and handle the minions to keep them at bay. Since each group of minions will continue to respawn until their master is defeated, this is the only way to keep all citizens safe.

The game will automatically choose three of the Star Guardians for you, but you can edit your party as needed by pressing the R button. During each battle, you’ll need to pay attention to the order in which your characters and the boss will attack so that you can be ready and prepare accordingly. Each of your party members can either attack or use a special skill that will require her to spend some SP.

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What skills will the Star Guardians be able to use? Juni will have Electro Ride, an electrical attack that will target one opponent while also boosting her speed so that her next turn arrives sooner. V’iri will have Emerald Saber, her ultimate attack that uses a lot of SP but can deal considerable damage. Rhea will have Red Sun, a high-damage triple-punch physical attack. Bree will have Eternal Blue, a powerful roundhouse kick. As for Dua, she can use Aurora Neon, a light cannon attack that hits all enemies.

There’s going to be some trial and error during your time with 8-Colors Star Guardians +, since you won’t be strong enough to defeat all bosses unless you find out the ones that are weak to your starting abilities… and who don’t have as high of an HP total. Some bosses will also be able to resist attacks of a specific element, and you won’t be able to find this out until you give your skills a try.

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Since the game has a + right there in its name, that means it’s the definitive version of the game. It has some quality-of-life improvements for a more enjoyable experience, unlockable costumes for the Star Guardians, which you can get by clearing Story Mode and Arcade Mode – with the latter asking that you defeat each boss within a set number of turns – as well as Chapter 2 of Story Mode ready to test your skills.

8-Colors Star is a bite-sized old-school-infused tokusatsu-inspired turn-based RPG on Switch. As you form a party of three heroines from Rhea, V’iri, Juni, Dua, and Bree, and decide which boss to take on, you’ll learn from your mistakes along the way and find out which bosses resist which skills. Earn more skills as you defeat bosses, and incorporate those into your repertoire to take on the more challenging giant monsters. 8-Colors Star Guardians + is out today on Nintendo Switch with a budget price of $4.99.

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This 8-Colors Star Guardians + review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Flynn’s Arcade.

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