New FREE Bonus Game Added – Green Hell VR

by EdEN, Owner

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Follow the story of Jake Higgins, a famous anthropologist, who is thrown deep into the emerald and impenetrable Amazonian rain forest – the green hell. What you discover there will be worse than what you have ever fought against to survive. Find yourself stranded in this dangerous jungle, surrounded by predators with only a trusty smartwatch, backpack, and a survival guide to help you stay alive.

Green Hell VR now also includes the Spirits of Amazonia Update – a prequel which presents the adventures of Jake set before the events of the original Green Hell.
Your main goal will be to gain the trust of the Mu’agi tribe, along with the chief of the native Amazonian village. To accomplish this, you will need to complete missions relating to the local legends, to help out tribe members, and to provide supplies for the village, all rebuilt and tailored for the VR platform.

Green Hell VR Review  - 1

Green Hell VR Review  PS VR2- 2

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