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Tactical turn-based narrative fairytale experience Howl from astragon Entertainment and Mi’pu’mi Games is ready for you on PlayStation 5. Come check it out!

Howl is a turn-based tactical folktale set in medieval times. A sinister “howling plague” has ravaged the land, turning all who hear it into feral beasts. You play a deaf heroine plunging into danger in search of a cure.
Plan up to six steps in advance to outmaneuver your opponents: wolfish creatures filled with hunger and rage. Various types of fiends are lurking in the shadows, each of them possessing different abilities and their own levels of vitality. So, you need to consider carefully the strategy that will bring them to their knees.
Not only do you have your wits to rely on while plotting your attack, you also have an array of abilities at your disposal. As you slay more wolves, you acquire skills like Vault, Smoke Bomb, and Piercing Shot. Venture forth on your journey to upgrade your skills and unlock more Action Slots and Undo Round Points. As you plan your moves, you will also shape your own prophecy, composing a dynamic work of scripture as you fight.
Howl’s visuals are created through “living ink”, a flowing art style that paints the story as you play. Carve your way through a dark, fairy-tale world made up of obscure yet magical places where you fight and write to rid the lands of the plague.

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Howl Features:

• Foretell the actions of your enemies in tactical, turn-based combat.

• Outsmart the different wolf species, from fast predators to enormous pack leaders.

• Beautifully illustrated in a unique, living ink art style.

• Unlock and upgrade new skills like Shadow Step, Exploding Shot, and more.

• Save villagers from the claws – and howls – of the wolves.

• Play through 60 levels over 4 chapters.

• Plot your route on the world map to uncover new skills and secret paths.

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