Geeks-Line Kickstarts a PlayStation 2 History Book Anthology

by Ceidz, Owner

Publisher Geeks-Line is currently working on a Kickstarter for a PlayStation 2 Anthology exclusive box set. Come check it out!

In our Anthology series, we share the history of these entertainment systems, including their design and structure, and analyze the hardware and commercial choices made by their respective manufacturers. We also review all of the official games released in Japan, the United States, and Europe, including any highly sought-after collector’s versions. All these elements make our books both unique reference guides and detailed historical accounts.

Following the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16, NES, SNES, GameCube, and Game Boy & Virtual Boy Anthologies, Geeks-Line is now proud to present the PlayStation 2 Tetralogy!

Six years after the PlayStation tidal wave, the end of the millennium was marked by the release of an extraordinary console with a monolithic aesthetic worthy of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and the finest high-tech parts.

While the PlayStation had paved the way to 3D, the PlayStation 2 demonstrated that this bold, new direction was the future for video games.

Geeks-Line Publishing is proud to announce that the Kickstarter for our PlayStation 2 history book anthology series has just been chosen as a “Project We Love” by Kickstarter.

Show them some support by checking out their KickStarter campaign!

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