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Fighting game sequel Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising from Cygames and Arc System Works is one you have to play on PlayStation 5. Find out why in our Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising review!

Fighting game sequel Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising from Cygames and Arc System Works is one you have to play on PlayStation 5. It’s the follow-up to Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising, a spin-off fighting game based on the turn-based RPG Granblue Fantasy, which launched on mobile back in 2014. It’s now 2023, and almost 10 years later, we’re getting a sequel to 2020’s Granblue Fantasy: Versus. If you want to learn more about the prequel, you can go check out our Granblue Fantasy: Versus review. As for this sequel, along with a PlayStation 4 version, we’re also getting one on PlayStation 5!

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Along with all characters from Granblue Fantasy: Versus making the jump to this sequel, Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising also adds four new characters to the mix: Anila, Siegfried, Nier, and Grimnir. And yes, there will also be DLC characters launching at a later date in at least two waves. First up will be Lucilius, which will be made available as part of the Deluxe Character Pass Part 1 in January 2024. Lucilius will act as a boss in the main game, so you’ll get a taste of what his abilities will be by fighting against him.

You can import your Granblue Fantasy: Versus save file if you have one. This will allow you to get a head-start on the sequel’s RPG Mode since you’ll get to keep your chapter progress and your character levels. This is why it would be advised that you first complete the prequel’s RPG Mode and all its main 40 stages before taking on this sequel. Mind you, this is not mandatory; it’s just something I’d advise you to take care of.

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New for this sequel is the Grand Bruise Legends game mode. For Grand Bruise Legends, you’ll be joining an online lobby and taking on different mini-games as a break from all of the fighting, be that in the RPG Mode, Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, or in one of the hundreds of online fights you’ll be taking on. And yes, before I forget to mention it, the online side of Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising will indeed require you to have a current PlayStation Plus subscription – be that Essential, Extra, or Premium.

You’ll start at level 1 and will need to obtain experience points by entering Gran Bruise tournaments to level up. By increasing your Legend level, you’ll get to unlock rewards. These rewards can then be used to customize your characters and profile cards. You can also gain draw tickets so that you can use them to try and get some weapon cutouts, can get some in-game trophies to display, rupies, which are the in-game currency for the shop – more on that in a bit – badges, card designs, and more.

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After entering a Gran Bruise tournament, you’ll have to wait for all slots to be filled up. Once that’s been taken care of, a stage will be selected, and you’ll be ready to take on a mini-game where you’ll need to run through the level as you avoid obstacles and hazards, attack enemies, run, and jump toward the finish line. Or maybe you’ll have to collect gold bricks and bring them to your team’s stockpile to win. Or you could end up in an arena-style level where you’ll have to try and remain in the playing area while a bunch of bombs explode around you.

And now, let’s talk about the game’s trophies! Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising is a Cross-Buy title, so if you own a PlayStation 5 console, you’ll be able to download both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game, and each one will have its own trophy list. Each list is split into 36 Bronze trophies, 8 Silver trophies, and 3 Gold trophies. You’ll have to complete a variety of objectives, such as completing Arcade Mode, obtaining 70 weapon skins and playing an online match, beating the CPU on normal or higher difficulty in Versus Mode, practicing in Practice Mode for 30 minutes, watching a replay of one of you matches, buying an avatar from the shop, using a sticker or emote while online, winning 100 online matches, performing 100 Skybound Arts, and more.

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As someone who played Granblue Fantasy: Versus on PlayStation 4 – and ended up getting all additional DLC characters – I was looking forward to checking out what the sequel had to offer. We’re getting a solid fighting game that includes all characters from its prequel while also adding some new fighters into the mix, on top of the returning RPG Mode, Arcade Mode, and Versus Mode. We also get a new party game known as Gran Bruise Legends that will pit you against dozens of online gamers as you try to beat all of them in the different mini-games on offer. Add a Figurines Mode where you’ll get to collect 3D representations of each fighter as well as dioramas you can collect, and you have a package that is easy to recommend. Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising is available as a Cross-Buy title, so your $49.99 purchase will allow you to download both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game at no extra cost. You can also go all-in and get the Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Deluxe Edition for $79.99, which includes the base game, as well as:


• 4 Alt Colors for All Base Characters
• 3 Weapon Skins for All Base Characters
• Deluxe Character Pass Part 1
• GBF Special Item Set: GBVSR Pack

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This Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Cygames.

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