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by Ceidz, Owner

Ralph and the Blue Ball from Cozy Village and Afil Games is a minimalist adventure in which you’ll have to find all the toys hidden by the dog. Check our Ralph and the Blue Ball review!

Join our adorable dog, Ralph, on an exciting quest to find his lost toys hidden throughout the various rooms of the house. With engaging point-and-click gameplay, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with each object and uncover the secrets leading to Ralph’s missing toys.

Ralph and the Blue Ball from Cozy Village and Afil Games is a minimalist adventure in which you’ll have to search for Ralph’s toys, which he has hidden in all of the house’s rooms. It’s quite a simple game, as there are only eight single-screen levels, but it’s still a fun bite-size journey.

Each of the rooms has a set list of toys to find on the left of the screen. Some of them are pretty well hidden, so do be on the lookout for some differences in patterns in the walls or the floor in some instances. I liked how there are some slight puzzles asking you to find color-coded keys before being able to open a safe for some of the toys. Each level has a blue ball that is also quite well hidden in most cases.

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On the control side, it is apparent this game was made with a mouse in mind, and its port to the DualSense controller on PlayStation 5 is fine at best. The hand moves slowly at first and increases its speed too quickly, which ultimately makes it click on some objects harder than needed. Moreover, this is asking you to precisely click on some objects, which will often lead you to close the box instead of picking up the object within.

On the presentation side, I liked the pixel art that is definitively reminiscent of the game Unpacking, but obviously on a much, much smaller scale. The background theme is also relaxing, but the music can get a bit repetitive.

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If you’re looking at this game, it’s good to know that it contains a Platinum that is fairly quick to achieve and will take you about half an hour to obtain – and even less if you’re following this Ralph and the Blue Ball Trophy Guide. The game is cross-buy between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and has a separate trophy list for each version, so you can aim to add two Platinum trophies with your purchase.

The only issue I had with this game as a trophy hunter was how annoying the Platinum trophy was to achieve. It requires two full playthroughs of the game to unlock it, as one of the trophies requires you to replay all of the levels again to unlock the last trophy. This was not needed, and it felt like it was there only to artificially extend the duration of an otherwise short game. As a trophy hunter myself – and since this game is Cross-Buy – you can already understand that obtaining your two new Platinum trophies will require four passes through the same eight levels, and I definitively had less fun the last time around.

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Ralph and the Blue Ball is a minimalist adventure in which you’ll help Ralph, the dog, find the toys he’s hidden all around the house. The game was fun, and the pixel presentation was nice. This game also includes a Platinum trophy that can be achieved within half an hour, but asking you to play through the game twice feels odd. Ralph and the Blue Ball is available as a Cross-buy title with a budget price of only $4.99.

This Ralph and the Blue Ball review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Afil Games.

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