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The Traveler’s Path from eastasiasoft and White Rose Games is a simple puzzle game in which you’ll flip tiles to help a character reach the end of each level. Check our The Traveler’s Path review!

Put your logic and problem-solving skills to the test in The Traveler’s Path, a 3D spin on tile-based positional puzzles. From a bird’s eye view over forests, snowfields, deserts and more, it’s your job to help the traveler reach his destination by unscrambling the twisted footpath to his destination. Terrain is segmented into rotatable and swappable tiles. Only by thinking critically and a few steps ahead can you line up pieces of the path to lead the traveler from start to finish.



The Traveler’s Path from eastasiasoft and White Rose Games is a minimalistic puzzle game in which you’ll help your character reach the end of each single-screen level by moving and rotating the different available puzzle pieces r. Your objective is to create a path your traveler can cross to the end of each level – hence the game’s name.

The Traveler's Path PS5 Review

The game starts on the easy side, and in the first few levels, the path will be obvious. As I progressed, I noticed that the game remained easy for a good while, and the difficulty increased very slowly. Some levels ask you to collect all the coins on the path and recommend you to set them in order of bronze, silver, and gold, although the game doesn’t have any consequence if you do not create the most optimal path apart from the time required to complete each level.

On the presentation side, the game is cartoony and has a colorful look. The levels do look very similar, as there are not many different tile styles. I noticed that some effort had been made on the first few levels’ backgrounds, but after that, it’s mostly the same generic level design. If I had some nitpicking to say about this game, I would say that the background theme was underwhelming and was reused over and over again.

The Traveler's Path PlayStation Review

Being an eastasiasoft game, you can expect to obtain a new quick and easy Platinum trophy for your collection. You basically just have to complete the first few levels to unlock the later ones, then play the ones tied to the specific levels in the trophy description. This should take you about 15 minutes, and since the puzzles are all quite easy to solve, you shouldn’t have much trouble completing them. This game is Cross-Buy between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions, and both have different trophy lists, so you could get two new Platinum trophies for the same price. If you want some extra help, you can check out this The Traveler’s Path Trophy Guide.

The Traveler's Path PS4 Review

The Traveler’s Path is a simple yet enjoyable puzzle game that is easy to recommend to trophy hunters since you can add two new Platinum trophies to your collection in about half an hour and for $4.99. If you’re not a trophy hunter and want to play this game for its puzzles, you’re still getting a budget-priced game with some fun puzzles to solve.

This The Traveler’s Path review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by eastasiasoft.

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