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Orten Was the Case from Woodhill Interactive is a dark Rated M for Mature adventure game on PlayStation 5. Learn more in our Orten Was the Case review!

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Orten Was the Case from Woodhill Interactive is a dark Rated M for Mature adventure game on PlayStation 5. This one will have a bit of a Groundhog’s Day thing going on since you’ll be taking on what will seem to be a never-ending loop! As the unassuming Ziggy, you’ll wake up at the old bus you’ve turned into your home… with no recollection of what happened during the previous day. Scribbled on your hand is a message: “Meet Shaiko in the bike cellar.” With no idea of what that means, you step outside into a fictional Swedish neighborhood as you try to find out what is going on.

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You’ll control your character with the left analog stick as you interact with objects and other characters with the X button. He can jump with the Square button, which will be needed to clear some obstacles or so that he can grab onto a ledge that will allow him to, say, climb up onto a roof so that he can use a window to enter a building. By pressing the Touchpad on the DualSense, you’ll be able to check your status and review the logbook, items, and timeline. By reviewing your status, you will see what you’re carrying with you, Orten’s overall health, and what he’s wearing. He starts with only a baseball cap and a pair of jeans on him, so you might want to find him some clothes!

The logbook will let you know what your objectives are if you’ve managed to find any important clues, any weird visions you might have had, the topics you’ve discussed with others – such as losing your memory, or that you need to find a special code to open a door. Topics are used for interacting with other characters so that you can learn more about your current situation or learn about new topics to discuss. At first, the default topic will be “I’ve lost my mind” since you can’t recall anything. But as you progress further and further, new topics will be added. Items is the section where everything you’ve collected will be displayed, from empty bottles to new caps to valuable and important keys.

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And then, we have the timeline. Since you’ll be going through loop after loop of the events of the day, the game will register what is going on in the timeline. You will have to take on colored events and gray events. Colored events will happen since their condition has been met. A grey event will not happen since its condition has not been met. If an event has a faded edge, then that means the event will continue until interrupted. You’re not expected to complete more than one objective per loop, so after an objective has been completed, you’re free to restart the loop so that you can use what you’ve learned –which is noted down in your logbook – to try and work on something new.

Talking about the timeline too much would spoil your time with Orten Was the Case, so I’ll only mention a couple of things that are added early on. As mentioned before, the only information you have is what’s scribbled on Ziggy’s hand: “Meet Shaiko in the bike cellar.” You have no idea who Shaiko is, but a photo you find shows you and other people as “Me and my crew,” with each of their names scribbled next to them. It seems that Shaiko is one of your close friends.

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When you exit the bus, you see Shaiko waving at you from across the street. She mentions that someone named Manneleine has changed the code to the door for the building, so you’ll have to find another way to enter the bike cellar and reach Shaiko. Oh, and you have to do it before 11:07, or else the event won’t take place! Since you wake up at 11:05 – and with everything taking place in real time – you rush to climb the nearby ceiling to enter the building through a window and run to the bottom floor to talk to Shaiko.

She asks that you help her move a large object since there’s a key hidden below it. After that, you follow Shaiko to a room that is… packed with some very fresh herbs of a specific shape and nature. She asks that you take a zip bag with some of them and drop them in the blue container so that Tomten can take them and make the exchange. Bring the money back to Shaiko, and you’ll be set. What happens next will depend on how fast you were at helping Shaiko and if you managed to exit the building unseen. There’s more than one ending and several ways for you to get a game over, so be sure to pay attention and make the most of the checkpoints you unlock!

Does Orten Was the Case has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy? It certainly does! The list includes 4 Bronze trophies, 3 Silver trophies, and 9 Gold trophies. There are some trophies that will pop as you progress through the game and complete specific objectives during some of your loops. You can also get a trophy for making three hoops in a row, which can be done near your home. There’s a pair of trophies for completing combat segments without activating the easier fights option. And since there are different endings to achieve, there are also going to be trophies tied to getting those endings.

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Orten Was the Case is a dark Rated M for Mature adventure game with a story that takes some interesting turns thanks to its main time loop premise. While you won’t be exploring that many locations, finding new information about each of the characters you’ll interact with, as well as completing objectives that will give you new topics for you to talk to others about so that you can hopefully unravel the mystery that was the day before. You know, before the world ends in 10 minutes. No pressure! Orten Was the Case is out on PlayStation 5 with a $14.99 price tag. There’s also a PlayStation 4 version available for the same price as a separate purchase.

This Orten Was the Case review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Woodhill Interactive.

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