[PlayStation 5] Lake: Season’s Greetings DLC Review

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DLC Lake: Season’s Greetings is set during the holiday season before the events of the main game. I loved playing the game last year, so read below to see how this DLC compares. Check our Lake: Season’s Greetings DLC review!

Make this a December to remember! Lake: Season’s Greetings takes place during 1985’s holiday season, one year before the original Lake game. Players take on the role of Thomas Weiss, an amiable mail carrier and father to Lake’s protagonist, Meredith Weiss. Changing the perspective from Meredith to her father, players will gain an understanding of the Weiss family dynamics and an insight into a snow-covered Providence Oaks from a long-time resident’s point of view.

Lake from Whitethorn Games and Gamious is a peaceful game in which you followed Meredith Weiss on a two weeks vacation from the big city back into her hometown in Providence Oaks, Oregon. This DLC is set during the holiday season before the events of LAKE and follows Meredith’s father, Thomas Weiss, who works as the local mailman. I liked playing Lake – as you can tell from my review – so I was looking forward to returning to P.O. and discover this new storyline.

If you have already played Lake (and if you haven’t, you should!), you’ll know that this is a peaceful game where you’ll have to deliver packages to the people who live in the small village while creating new bonds with the local residents. This DLC is similar, although you will be interacting with friends that Thomas has known for over 40 years now, and that’s where you come in.

As you boot up the game, you’ll be greeted with a menu allowing you to play through the original LAKE or the Season Greetings DLC. You can switch from one or the other from the main menu, and they both use a separate save file. and completing the main game isn’t required to jump into the DLC, which is always appreciated in case someone ends up with a corrupt save file for the main experience.

The DLC begins on December 23, 1985, as Thomas is on his post office run around the lake. You’ll immediately be greeted by Frank, Thomas’s co-worker, who also has a role in the main game. After about 2 minutes, you’ll already be off on your run delivering packages and mail to the village’s houses. As was the case for the main game, you’ll be delivering packages each game day for the village residents and will get the chance to interact with them. I’m a fan of season-themed games (with Halloween and Christmas being the highlights), and I liked discovering familiar locations with new Christmas lighting and decorations. The holiday week when the game takes place is also snowy, so you’ll also see some weather changes.

Delivering mail is exactly what you can imagine, and yeah, it could get tedious by the time the game ends. But the good news is that Lake focuses on character interactions, and you’ll see a lot of cutscenes revolving around Thomas and his wife, Emily. There are many dialogue options allowing you to select your own answer, and while the game’s narrative doesn’t branch that much, I liked discovering cutscenes that I’m pretty sure are missable if you do not select the correct answers. There are no new trophies tied to this DLC, so playing it is all about the journey itself.

This extension is obviously built on the same game engine as the main game, and once again, it is beautiful to look at. The dynamic shadows are very impressive – you can actually follow the sun going up and down, and the tree shadows on the road react accordingly. On the technical side, I played on the PlayStation 5 version and noticed the frame rate sometimes dipped below 30 frames per second when driving within the village, and I do not recall seeing the same with the main game. As you explore the lake and its scenery, there are also some objects that pop-in as you get closer to them.

I would also like to mention a few issues I had with the controller, as the controls aren’t totally standard with other PlayStation releases. My main pain point was opening the map, which is done by pressing the R1 button instead of the more common Touchpad. It also requires pressing the R1 button again to close it instead of the normal cancel button on PlayStation with the Circle button. Similarly, opening your agenda is done by pressing the L1 button, and most of the time, I opened it by mistake. The agenda should have been bound to the unused Square or Triangle buttons.

This DLC is fully voiced, and, as was the case with the main game, the voice acting is spot-on. Similarly, there’s a great selection of licensed background music that you’ll hear when moving from place to place in your van, but a few of the songs will play over and over again. Finally, the DLC length was slightly shorter than the main game, which is to be expected. The main game with Meredith spans two full weeks, and this DLC lasts a little more than a week – December 23 to December 31, 1985. While shorter, it somehow felt packed with events. I thought that the length was just right to give us enough time to enjoy the DLC before it got redundant.

LAKE: Season’s Greetings DLC is a good extension to Lake as it follows Meredith’s father, Thomas Weiss. I loved exploring the winter season of Providence Oaks and interacting with the different characters – some of whom Thomas has known for over 40 years! There are no new trophies tied to this DLC, so you’ll play this one for the journey. Even the ending was uplifting! I can definitively recommend that you get this DLC. Lake: Season’s Greetings is out on PlayStation 5 with a $9.99 price tag.

This Lake: Season’s Greetings review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Whitethorn Games.

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