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by Ceidz, Owner

Lasso Catch from Xeneder Team is a retro-inspired arcade-style game in which you have to draw your lasso and catch cows… and that’s it! Check our Lasso Catch review!

LASSO CATCH is a small and simple retro-inspired arcade game where you have to catch the cows with your lasso while also avoiding the wolves. How many can you catch?

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Lasso Catch is a minimalistic arcade game in which you’ll have to draw your lasso and catch cows in your field while avoiding the wolves that wander around. As you begin a new game, you won’t get a tutorial or any explanation other than the game has already begun. The gameplay is really simple: press any button to increase a circle’s size, which represents your lasso, and collect cows to increase your score. Accidentally pick up a wolf with the lasso and it’s game over. That’s all there is to it, and you’ll have understood the game within a few seconds. Honestly, the presentation is sub-par, and the gameplay could have been a little more fleshed out, but it is what it is. The song playing in the background is also nothing to write home about.

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At least, this game offers an easy Platinum trophy that can be obtained within a few minutes. There are 11 gold trophies in this game. They will – quickly – unlock as you catch cows and require you to collect 150 total, which will take you 2 minutes at most. You also have to catch two wolves with your lasso, which likely will unlock it by accident by the time you reach the point objective, and obtain 10k, 20k, and 30k points, which will definitively be the last trophy you’ll get. It’s not hard but will require some patience as if you’re too eager, you’ll likely catch a wolf and will have to restart from the beginning. If you need some extra help, you can check out this Lasso Catch Trophy Guide.

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Lasso Catch is a case of what you see is what you get. This one is a very minimalist arcade-style game that offers a quick Platinum trophy that can be obtained within 5-10 minutes at most. It offers a simple gameplay loop, and all you’ll be working toward is beating your own high score. It’s available at a low price of only $0.99.

This Lasso Catch review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Xeneder Team.

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