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Born of Bread from WildArts and Dear Villagers is a charming turn-based RPG adventure worth checking out on Nintendo Switch. Find out why in our Born of Bread review!

Born of Bread from WildArts and Dear Villagers is a charming turn-based RPG adventure worth checking out on Nintendo Switch. It’s a game that brings us the tale of two boys with fates intertwined. One is a boy born of bread. The other? Born the usual way. It’s a journey that has been heavily inspired by games such as Paper Mario – as was also the case for The Outbound Ghost, which Ceidz got to review on PlayStation 5 a year ago. After a considerably long initial loading segment – that includes a pair of black screens that will make you think the game has crashed, you’ll be greeted by the narrator, who will get you started. And then another long loading segment with nothing but a black screen will show up.

Once the story begins, you’ll meet a group of archeologists who, unfortunately, release a group of demons who are looking for the Sunstone shards they were looking for before being trapped for a very, very long time. Jester is their leader, and he’ll be joined by Alfie, Klein, Sid, and Io. But before you have a chance to react to what is going on, the music will continue to play while the game does its best to load the next segment. Yes, loading is very much going to be an ongoing problem for Born of Bread on Nintendo Switch!

Born Of Bread Review - Battle 1

You’ll be taking on the role of a flour golem that has been brought to life by Papa Baker, who decides to take him in and raise him as his son. His name is Loaf. At first, Papa Baker was supposed to make some bread for Queen Beatrice to use with her tea, but after making Loaf come to life, that’s certainly out of the question! If you’re familiar with the excellent Paper Mario series, then you can easily understand the gameplay loop for Born of Bread: reach a new area, talk to the NPC, recruit someone new to your cause, and beat the boss. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Between all of that, your group will be taking on a ton of turn-based battles. Make the most of each character’s regular attacks and skills as you time things just right in order to deal some extra damage or to defend and lower the damage your party members receive. But before that, you can try to hit an enemy before entering combat so that you can gain the advantage and get to attack first!

Once in battle, Loaf will be using Papa Baker’s, which he dropped after rushing to bring the Queen her meal. Once Loaf selects the ladle, you’ll have to time your button presses so that you can stop the spinning line on the green area to land a great attack. Loaf will also have access to the Druidic Sickle… as long as he adds it to his backpack! This weapon will require you to spend some Will Points (WP) to use it in battle, which functions as MP in other RPGs.

Born Of Bread Review - Battle 1

There are also Resolve Points (RP), which are used for specials. These include, for example, Loaf’s Roast special, which will increase his defense by heating him up. Just be careful that you don’t end up burning him! You also have access to using items during combat to help your party members. If someone is hurt, you can use an apple so that they can recover some of their lost HP. If they need WP, then a Shroom Jelly will do the job. Another option is the Croissant, which can heal 15 HP! But there’s a catch. Items will have a type, and this type needs to match the type of the character that you’re trying to help!

Your first companion will be Lint, a cheeky raccoon that you’ll find in the forest. It turns out that Lint has been lost in the forest for a while now and joins your party in hopes of being able to escape from here as a group. He can help you fight against the enemies you’ll run into while you explore the forest, but he’s also useful when outside of battle! Lint has the dig ability, which you can use by pressing the ZR button. This will make Lint dig through, say, a huge chunk of dirt that is blocking your path so that you can carry onward in your search for the exit or on a dirt mount so that you can collect the item it hides.

As you defeat enemies, you’ll gain Might, which is the game’s version of experience points. After a character obtains enough Might, it will level up, thus receiving a boost to its stats. Once you level up, you can stamp one of three different cards, which will establish if you get an increase to your max HP, max WP, or max RP. Choose wisely since having more of any of these three stats can make a big difference! You can also be rewarded with an increase in the number of slots in your backpack or the number of slots for Boons. As a heads-up, I definitely suggest that you first go for increasing your backpack space since storage is very low during the start of your journey.

Born Of Bread Review - 2

Be sure to search every corner of each area that you visit so that you can find a treasure chest or two while exploring. These were left behind by Chester, the mighty pirate. These treasure chests will contain special items that will certainly help you. You could, for example, find the Type Sight. This is a Boon that you can equip so that you can see the weaknesses and resistances of enemies during battle so that you can plan your strategy accordingly.

Something else you can find is the narrator’s children, who have escaped and disguised themselves as salamanders. By finding them and bringing them back, you’ll be rewarded with skill points. As expected, skill points can then be used at each character’s skill tree. Oh, but there’s a catch: you can only present the salamanders in pairs! There’s one salamander near the shrine, but you won’t be able to find the second one to form a pair until you manage to progress a bit further in the game.

This is how you help your companions to grow as they gain new abilities. Let’s take Lint as an example. You might want to start by unlocking Cinder Spin, an ability that can target all enemies at once while also having a chance to inflict slow on them. This one is going to have a high WP cost, but it will make a huge difference in battle when you hit all enemies in a single attack that can then slow them down.

Born Of Bread Review - Battle 2

If you want to save your progress, you’ll need a Saver to join your cause… especially after Papa Baker is unfairly accused by Queen Beatrice of being the cause of the kingdom’s new troubles! Since none of the well-known members of the Savers Guild will want to join a pair of unproven young heroes in the making, Dub will be the only one willing to go the extra mile. Dub is a dragon who is trying to modernize the Savers Guild by using floating saving stations that transmit data to his laptop. Dub will also be taking care of your social media and fan page.

While in battle, Dub will now broadcast that fight to the hundreds of people who will start to follow your adventure so that you can make the most of the power of Dub’s Battle Broadcast system. If you pay attention to what the chat is saying and do well in battle, your fans will be happy, and will fill up a meter that can give you more WP so that you can use your stronger attacks more often.

Born Of Bread Review - 3

Born of Bread is a charming turn-based RPG adventure that pays homage to the beloved Paper Mario series. As an entity made of dough that comes to life thanks to the magical recipe of an ancient book, Loaf, a golem born of bread, will need to do whatever it takes to save his dad, Papa Baker, from being unfairly put in prison by orders of Queen Beatrice. You’ll meet a variety of companions who will join your cause and will explore colorful locations that mix 3D with 2D for a fun time. Other than the extremely long initial loading times and the subsequent loading segments you’ll need to endure as you progress further and further on this quest, there’s not much to complain about in terms of the overall experience. Born of Bread is out on Nintendo Switch with a $29.99 asking price.

This Born of Bread review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Dear Villagers.

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