Air Twister Out Tomorrow On Consoles

by EdEN, Owner

ININ Games and YSNET are ready for tomorrow’s launch of Air Twister from Yu Suzuki on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Air Twister was first released on Apple Arcade in 2022, and now fans have the chance to experience this epic arcade shooter on home consoles! Reminiscent of SEGA-Suzuki classics like Space Harrier, Afterburner and Out Run, Air Twister brings a refreshing and unique 3D twist to the arcade shooter genre.

Following in its arcade predecessors footsteps, Yu Suzuki designed Air Twister with a variety in levels of difficulty so that players must use skill and speed to get through challenging stages!

Set off on an epic journey with Princess Arch as she fights to save her planet from destruction! Armed with arrows that trace graceful arcs of light, she confronts invaders in her path. With more than 20 unique enemies to defeat and gorgeous stages to explore, Air Twister promises an unforgettable gaming experience.

Air Twister Features:

– 12 artfully crafted stages with unique and new experiences each time you play.

– Over 20 Vanguard creatures and 10 unique bosses to challenge your skills and simple controls for a fun and easy play experience.

– An epic soundtrack by Valensia, a Dutch music composer, known for over 3 decades of keeping the musical rock and opera heritage of Queen’s greatest hits alive.

– High replay ability by unlocking Challenge Games in the Adventure Map with different modes like Arcade, Turbo, Boss Rush and more!

– Many fantastic Minigames with surprising elements.

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