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Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtuless is the latest entry in the beloved series from NIS America. Are you ready? Then check out our Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtuless review!

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtuless is the latest entry in the beloved series from NIS America. It brings us to the Hinomoto Netherworlds, a cluster of diverse Netherworlds that believed in a highly venerated code: bushido. The people of Hinomoto were honorable warriors, which could not be said of the demons that resided elsewhere. Were being the key word. Hardly any trace of honor remains in the current Hinomoto Netherworlds. An invader took it all from them, with only a few still believing in the power of bushido.

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtuless will focus on the story of a girl who adores bushido and a man who utterly despises it. As you can probably guess, they’re forced to join forces. This is the story of Pirilika, the Hinomoto Otaku with a heart of gold who hails from the Netherworld of Wahei and is hopelessly obsessed with the Hinomoto Netherworlds. The other one is Fuji, an empathy-averse warrior gone astray who possesses all the demonic demon qualities: brutality, frugality, and laziness. He lives by his motto: winners are heroes, losers are zeroes.

The game will throw you straight into a battle to show you all of the basics. You’ll be taking control of Fuji the Wayward Warrior as you try to defeat the enemy Samurai with your might and skills! Battles are split into player turns and enemy turns. You will be able to command your units during player turns, and your opponents will get to act freely during enemy turns. A stage will always begin with a player turn so that you can set up your group and let the mayhem begin!

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You’ll control a cursor over the battlefield and can select units with the A button. Doing so will open up that unit’s menu, from which you can select to move, use an attack, use a special, lift another unit, defend, use an item, equip something, or check its status. When you select to move, you’ll have to place the cursor within that unit’s movement range to then confirm your choice. After moving closer to an enemy, then you’ll be able to select to attack with all of your might so that they get a better idea of what they’ve gotten themselves into!

For attacks and specials, you’ll also have to select a target. Attacks will differ based on a unit’s equipment, weapon, and class. The same goes for their specials! Take, for example, Fuji. Since he’s equipped with a sword, he can attack adjacent panels, so you’ll need to move him closer to an enemy to be able to strike. While you could choose to attack and then immediately execute that action, there’s also the option of having a series of actions recorded in the attack entry so that they’re executed in the order they were entered.

As expected, this opens the door for some wicked combos to perform against your enemies so that you destroy them before they even know what hit them! Once you’ve selected the actions that each of your units will perform, you’ll have to press the X button to open up the menu and select the Execute command. Your goal is to reduce the HP of all enemy units to 0 before they manage to do the same to your available units. Once there’s nothing left to do, open up the menu with the X button and select End Turn. It will then be your opponent’s opportunity to use their turn to give it their best effort.

When you win a battle, you’ll get to see the stage clear screen that will allow you to see the stage results and how many missions you managed to complete. Based on your efforts and what battle you’ve just won, you’ll be rewarded with experience points, HL – the game’s currency – mana, as well as some consumable items or equipment. Some experience and mana will be stored in the Juice Bar – more on this in a bit.

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The HL that you collect can be put to good use by visiting the Rosen Queen Co. store. While there, you can use HL to purchase items, accessories, weapons, armor, and more for your units or sell the stuff that you no longer need. The stock for the store depends on your rank, which increases as you purchase more and more items. The stock will also increase based on story progression so that you can’t farm for HL to buy overpowered items and equipment and break the game.

And then we have the new Jumbification system. As the name suggests, it will allow you to supersize your characters during special moments so that you can use all of their might to wreak havoc within the enemy ranks. A Jumbified character can attack any part of a level, which certainly changes how you approach a battle. A regular attack will become an area attack, making it possible to deal considerable damage to many enemies in a single go. Seeing a Prinny become supersized will certainly bring a smile to your face.

On top of that, a character that has been Jumbified will have special abilities – known as Jumbilities – that will allow you to, for example, heal 20% of your HP at the end of a turn or receive a boost to the damage dealt so that you can unleash some mighty combos along the way. Since Jumbilities will affect everyone on the battlefield, you’ll have to know when to Jumbify a character and which character to Jumbify! If you have a Jumbified Prinny, it will be able to use a Jumbility that will make everyone on the battlefield a bomb, thus making them explode when thrown… while making it so that the unit that is thrown is not defeated. Enemies can also be Jumbified, which makes for some interesting battles!

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Because of this, you’ll need to have a diverse group of characters at your disposal so that you can be ready to take on all sorts of potential scenarios. Visit the Scout Shop so that you can spend some of your hard-earned HL to hire new characters for your cause. These include, for example, characters such as the Red Mage, Fury Fatalist, Heretic, Petit Orc, Zombie, Mothman, or Fighter. Hirable characters will have limits on their class, rank, color, and starting level, which can be affected by obtaining quest rewards or by having a party member raise their class proficiency. As for the starting level, that one is a set percentage range from the party’s highest level.

And then, there’s the Juice Bar! This one is unlocked once you’ve progressed further into the game’s story. As mentioned before, some experience and mana from the battles you complete will be stored in the Juice Bar. This is used for creating concoctions at the Juice Bar so that your units can receive boosts to their HP, SP, and other stats that will turn them into formidable warriors for your cause.

Another important part of your journey with this new adventure is the Geo Panels and Geo Symbols system. Geo Panels on their own are just colorful variations of what the floor on each stage will look like. But once you add Geo Symbols into the mix, things get very interesting! A Geo Symbol will have an effect attached to it, and once you place it over a Geo Panel, that effect will take on characters on the same color geo panel. Simple, right?

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The fun begins when you move around Geo Symbols to prepare a chain reaction for when you destroy the first Geo Symbol in the change. When a Geo Symbol is destroyed, that will trigger a color change, which can, in turn, deal damage to all units on a Geo Panel of that particular color… which means it could end up destroying another Geo Symbol, and thus the chain will begin. If you do everything perfectly and remove all Geo Panels, you’ll get a Complete Destruction bonus that will deal damage to all enemies.

As has been the case before, Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtuless has an in-game achievements system for you to work on. There are plenty of objectives to consider, such as jumping 1,000 times at the base or elsewhere, riding on a character’s head over 100 times at the base or elsewhere, achieving top customer rank at the Rosen Queen Co., using the Juice Bar more than 50 times, reincarnating over 10 times, performing item world research over 100 times, passing a bill that allows you to receive a trophy, achieving a combo of 20, having over 10 billion HL on you, defeating 100 enemies while Jumbified, or dealing 10 billion in damage. You know, the usual.

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It’s certainly been a while since the first game in the series launched all the way back in 2003 as Disgaea: Hour of Darkness on PlayStation 2… in fact, it’s been over 20 years! I’ve been a fan since the first game in the series, and a lot has changed between then and now! Disgaea7: Vows of the Virtuless is a must-play for fellow fans of the franchise, but it’s also a great option for jumping into the series since it offers a ton of content as well as great tutorials for introducing each new element into the gameplay system so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtuless is out today on Nintendo Switch with a $59.99 price tag. There’s also a Disgaea 7 Season Pass for $39.99 that will give you access to several DLC bonus stories as they become available.

This Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtuless review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by NIS America.

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