Freaky Trip Out On Nintendo Switch

by EdEN, Owner

Quirky point and click adventure game Freaky Trip from RedDeerGames has finally landed on Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Go through untypically typical places and solve totally absurd riddles on your rescue mission.
Put your imagination to the test and go on a freaky rescue trip. Help rescue Salcy’s beloved cockapoo from unknown danger in which she was sure to find herself . In Freaky Trip you will encounter many logical puzzles, which you can find everywhere. Watch your surroundings carefully and use everything that might be helpful – even if it seems unusual.

In this game, puzzles are not as easy as they might look like – as everything around you. Think outside the box, be unpredictable, and succeed on every level, to be an egg forward. Remember that sometimes the most unbelievable answers are the right ones. Try all possibilities and ask for help if you are stuck at any point.

Meet surprising characters on your journey with Salcy, but don’t even bother to think if they are real – they somehow are. Try to help them and they will return the favor. Hey, have you seen this big buffalo merchant behind the tree? No? That’s weird, I’m sure it was standing there…

Falling into the world of Freaky Trip is much easier thanks to colorful and cartoon graphics. Progress through this twisted story and watch how the riddles surprise you and make you laugh with every second.

Freaky Trip Review - 1

Freaky Trip Features:

– Humorous and totally absurd point-and-click adventure

– 14 various levels with a commonly uncommon story behind

– Entertaining characters and locations

– Exciting soundtrack

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Freaky Trip Review - 3

Freaky Trip Review - 4

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