[PlayStation 4] Everhood: Eternity Edition Review

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Everhood: Eternity Edition from BlitWorks and Foreign Gnomes is an adventure X rhythm mashup that makes for a pretty unique adventure spanning a few different worlds. Check our Everhood: Eternity Edition review!

Welcome to an inexpressible world filled with a deep story, humor, amusing musical battles and strange delightful encounters. This is the best console version of the adventure RPG indie hit, including 16 exclusive new musical battles composed by some of the most renowned artists in the indie scene and designed by members of the community. Expect the unexpected!

Everhood: Eternity Edition – An Ineffable Tale of the Inexpressible Divine Moments of Truth – a.k.a. Everhood: Eternity Edition – is a new trippy game from BlitWorks and Foreign Gnomes in which you’ll follow Red – a peculiar wooden puppet – on his quest to recover his arm, which has been stolen by an evil wizard.

The world is dark, and the path up ahead is showcased by way of a minimalist presentation. At first glance, it felt reminiscent of Undertale, but it was still very unique and had its own identity. As the game begins, you’ll quickly be drawn into a tutorial battle showing you how the combats work for this journey.

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Battles are, in fact, presented as a rhythm game in which you have five lanes to move horizontally on the bottom of the screen. You’ll have to avoid the “attacks” sent by your enemy by either dodging them by changing lanes or jumping over them. One of the most impressive things in this whole game is that EVERY fight is unique: each one has its own – often amazing – battle theme, and the creativity shown to make each combat a unique experience was very impressive – and one of my definitive highlights for this game.

The battle difficulty is configurable and ranges from “Story Mode” up to “Expert.” Selecting the most appropriate setting will be highly dependent on your skills, and I thought that even Normal felt a bit more challenging than expected. Your mileage may vary depending on your experience with rhythm games. Fights even have checkpoints, which is appreciated since some of them can last for several minutes, and having to redo the whole thing after making too many mistakes would feel too punishing.

There are different worlds to explore, each one spanning several screens. You’ll visit classic locations like a castle, a small town, a forest, and even a complete mini-RPG campaign. In each one of those locations, you’ll meet a series of recurring characters – and each one of them is colorful and has a weird and strong personality – which once again reinforces the game’s uniqueness and charm.

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Reaching the end of the game also has more surprises in store for you as you uncover the Absolute Truth, so, as the game teases, “Expect the unexpected!“. Reaching the end isn’t the end of this game, as it opens up for one of the different endings that you can experience.

As for the presentation, it is minimalistic, unique, and definitively great. I liked how each of the worlds actually felt different from one another while also being bite-sized enough. Overall, you’re looking at 6-10 hours to beat this one, depending on your skill level and the difficulty that you choose for your adventure. I already mentioned how the soundtrack was great, and I recommend you give it a listen on Bandcamp. Also, playing the audio through 3D headphones or a good sound system is how you should be playing this one.

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Everhood: Eternity Edition is an adventure x rhythm game in which you’ll have to recover the main character’s arm. Along the way, you’ll meet with colorful characters and fight your way through some interesting battles with an amazing background soundtrack. This is one of the most unique games I have played in a while, and I definitively recommend this experience to gamers looking for something different that contains a lot under the hood. Everhood: Eternity Edition is out Everhood: Eternity Edition is out tomorrow on PlayStation 4.

This Everhood: Eternity Edition review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by BlitWorks.

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