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The Room is an award-winning first-person puzzle experience from Fireproof Games that marks the studio’s first full release. Learn more in our The Room review!

The Room is an award-winning first-person puzzle experience from Fireproof Games that marks the studio’s first full release. Fireproof Games originally worked on content that was outsourced for games such as Little Big Planet or DJ Hero. This BAFTA-winning game will have you taking on the challenge presented by a peculiar elaborate puzzle box that you’ll need to solve to be able to escape. You’ve been drawn into the room by a letter penned by an old friend, and you must now use your wits to find the right solution for each of the many puzzles that the game will throw at you.

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The Room can be played with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or by using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode or when playing on a Nintendo Switch Lite console. When using the console’s touchscreen, you’ll zoom in and out as needed by pinching the screen and tapping elements to find the solution to each puzzle that you’ll run into. If using a single Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and its motion controls.

It will be by solving the puzzles of the box that you’ll get to learn more about null, the fifth element, which is described in a series of notes left by the aforementioned friend. But before you’re able to dive deeper and deeper into The Room, you’ll have to solve the first box in the game, with serves as a tutorial that will teach you the basics so that you can be prepared for how the other boxes will challenge you.

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As to not spoil things too much, I will talk about the first few puzzles that you’ll have to solve to be able to reach the second box in The Room. After opening the letter and reading it again, you’ll need to grab the key that can then be used to open the small box on top of the large box. But first, you’ll have to rotate the small box’s lid to line up the keyhole for you to use the key. Inside you’ll find an eyepiece and a small note. To be able to use the eyepiece, you’ll first need to locate its lens.

But before that, you need to find a key for the peculiar keyholes in the box. The clue mentions something about feeding it to progress. By zooming on the legs of the box, you’ll notice symbols for the four elements: wind, water, earth, and fire. If you think about it, wood can feed a fire. Tapping on the fire symbol will reveal an interesting key. By checking the key on your inventory, you’ll be able to learn that you can rotate the key so that it can be used in more than one configuration. Since there are two keyholes, you’ll probably have to use the key in at least two configurations, right? At the end of the next couple of puzzle sequences, you’ll finally obtain the lens for the eyepiece, which will allow you to see things that are not apparent to the naked eye.

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The Room is an interesting indie puzzle game that is just as fun to play today as 10 years ago when it was originally released – and almost five years after its launch on Nintendo’s console. We get to play the full The Room experience with the base game and the Epilogue DLC available at no extra cost. It’s a journey that should take you around 3 hours or so to complete. The Room is available on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 price tag. If you act now, you can get The Room with an 80% discount. And the good news is that you can also get the sequel The Room Two, with an 80% discount.

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This The Room review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Fireproof Games.

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