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Super Adventure Hand from DevM Games is a quirky physics-based puzzle platformer in which you take control of a hand. Yes, just a hand. Check our Super Adventure Hand review!

Super Adventure Hand from DevM Games is a quirky physics-based puzzle platformer in which you take control of a hand. You used to be a gloves sales-hand who had a lot going on. Unfortunately, a group of evil feet has separated you from your great friend Arm, who is no longer attached to your wrist! You’ll now have to take on a 3D physics-based platforming journey as you explore more than 50 levels of platforming fun, as you avoid hazards and defeat enemies to try and bring justice to this world.

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Before you go on your quest for vengeance, you might want to go and customize the look of your hand. You can change the hand’s skin tone or add a watch or a wristband to the hand. Maybe you’d like to add a ring to the hand to make it more sparkly. The last option to customize for the hand is painting its nails by choosing from the available colors. Most of the customization options are locked at first, and you will need to spend as many thimbles as possible to unlock the rest.

The first handful of levels will teach you the basics. Once you get started, you’ll control the hand with the left analog stick as you jump around each area with the A button. The right analog stick can be used to turn. You can grab onto objects by pressing the ZL button. This includes grabbing something so that you can then throw it with the ZR button or grabbing onto a surface or ledge to be able to climb up higher and higher. The Y button will allow the hand to perform a quick flick with its fingers, which can be helpful for removing some obstacles or for attacking enemies.

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What will you need to do in each of the levels that you’ll play through? Along with collecting some thimbles along the way, you’ll have to move boxes out of the way, avoid lava pits and endless pits, avoid the deadly fire that burns bright, and make sure that you don’t run into any of the stinky feet along the way since they will rush at you and try to knock you out of the platform. Once you collect a watch, you’ll be able to tell how long it takes you to complete a level. Grab the cup at the end of the level as fast as possible so that you can continue to the next one.

For each level, you’ll be graded with up to three thumbs, depending on how fast you are at completing that level. You won’t be able to know what the time limits are until you beat a level, but at least you’ll be able to replay them as needed. Think of thumbs as stars, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you want to see everything that Super Adventure Hand has to offer, you’ll need to collect all thimbles and complete each level as fast as possible!

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There’s also an in-game achievement system for you to work on, which Supe Adventure Hand calls Random Accomplishments. What objectives will you need to complete in order for you to 100% this game? You will need to collect your first watch, stunning 20 feet using bombs, collect some thimbles, get a three-thumbs ratting in 10 and 25 levels, flick 500 objects, and wear a bunch of watches.

Super Adventure Hand is a fun and quirky physics-based puzzle platformer in which you’ll control a hand that has been separated from its Arm companion by the stinky feet. The more than 50 levels on offer a good difficulty curve so that gamers of all ages can take on this adventure at their own pace. Super Adventure Hand is out tomorrow on Nintendo Switch with a $12.99 price tag.

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This Super Adventure Hand review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by DevM Games.

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