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Gunbrella from Devolver Digital and doinksoft is an excellent gritty noir-punk action-adventure you have to check out on Nintendo Switch. Find out why in our Gunbrella review!

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Gunbrella from Devolver Digital and doinksoft is an excellent gritty noir-punk action-adventure you have to check out on Nintendo Switch. This specific publisher and developer combo previously gave us the also excellent black and white distilled Metroidvania experience Gato Roboto on Nintendo Switch back in 2019 B.C. – Before Covid – so I was certainly looking forward to taking Gunbrella for a spin on Nintendo’s console.

You’ll be taking on the role of a woodsman on a quest for vengeance with the titular Gunbrella by his side. His wife was killed, and the Gunbrella was left at the scene of the crime. The Gunbrella is a mighty tool that can not only keep one relatively dry, but also unleash a flurry of bullets that can get your point across in no time! The Gunbrella will also allow you to glide down after a jump. It’s a multiuse item, since it can also be used as a shield when things are about to go very, very wrong.

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Your character can be controlled with the left analog stick as you aim your weapon with the right one. The B and ZL buttons are for jumping, while the Y and ZR button are used for shooting with the Gunbrella. You can also hug a wall and then press the B or ZL button to perform a short wall jump. If you jump and shoot downward, you’ll get a small boost to your jump’s height while also floating through the air for an instant. Pressing the R button while stationary will allow you to use your Gunbrella as a shield. If you block immediately before contact, you can even reflect bullets.

Pressing it while running will make your character dash forward while protected. Pressing the R button while jumping and pressing down on the left analog stick will make you dive down with the Gunbrella open. Pressing up on the left analog stick and the R button will send your character flying upward all Mary Poppins like. If you continue to hold down the R button, then you’ll use the Gunbrella to gently glide downward so that you can time things just right and stick a good landing.

The X button will allow you to interact with objects and other characters. Objectives will be noted down in your Journal, which you can open up by pressing the – button as needed. Pressing the + button will pause the action. From there, you can access your inventory. Your inventory is split into consumable items – such as the set of bandages you start with that can be used with the L button to completely heal your wounds – a variety of junk items you can add to your collection, key items needed for progressing further in the game, as well as ammo types.

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You can switch between consumables by pressing left or right on the D-Pad. While the aforementioned bandages are great for healing your character after it suffers some nasty wounds that drain his health, don’t knock eating food items along the way! Food items can add additional vitality to your character, which means that an apple a day can certainly keep the doctor away! You can add up to three points of additional protection to your character, which can make a big difference during some of the trickier segments in the game. Oh, and don’t forget to sit on a bench every now and then to restore your vitality and save your progress!

You start with the standard buckshot ammo for the Gunbrella, which is of the unlimited variety. It won’t deal a ton of damage to enemies, but it’s good enough to get you through most sticky scenarios. Additional ammo types will be more limited, but they will definitely be appreciated! Get yourself some rifle rounds, and you’ll be able to shoot at a much faster pace. And if you manage to find yourself a grenade, well… just imagine all of the destruction you could sort out!

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Once you find the Tinkerer, you’ll learn that the Gunbrella you’re currently holding is actually very old. He made it for a friend who joined the Parasol Gunmen many years ago. He does mention that he doesn’t think he would ever do something as gruesome as what happened, but that you should have a chat with him to see if he knows anything about the events that transpired. He also says that if you bring him some gears, he can upgrade the Gunbrella for you! These upgrades include boosting its attack power or increasing its reload speed, so that you can take on some of the more challenging sections up ahead. He even allows you to take his gears stash to get you started!

The coins that you collect can be spent at different shops in the game to purchase some additional food for your inventory. How does a Golden Apple sound for $500? Completely delicious and totally worth it, right? You could also decide to buy a pill from Bill’s Pills. Take it, and you’ll slowly heal over time! He also sells another pill known as Lucky Stars that can allegedly improv your fortune. And if you’re, say, exploring the sewers and feeling hungry, maybe you can get yourself a Grilled Rat from Sewert’s Grill!

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Gunbrella is an excellent gritty noir-punk action-adventure. As you set out on a quest of vengeance to find whoever is responsible for your wife’s murder, you start to unravel a story that goes beyond what you first expected from this journey. By using the titular weapon – which was used to kill your wife – you will move one step closer to uncovering the truth. The whole thing might end up feeling a bit linear, but don’t let that keep you from checking this one out. Gunbrella is out today on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 asking price.

This Gunbrella review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Devolver Digital.

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