Broken Pipe Out Now On PS5

by EdEN, Owner

3D puzzle release Broken Pipe from DillyFrame Games is now ready for you on PlayStation 5. Come check it out!

All the stream tanks that manage gates and bridges in this world are now broken. Local robots are bound to the broken modules and cannot escape from this place.

Return missing modules to the pipe schemes to restore the stream. You will have to direct the color stream from one tank to another in order to make them work. When all the tanks work all the robots will be able to leave this world.

Broken Pipe Features:

– 29 levels

– open world to explore

– collectibles

– mini games

Don’t forget to check out our Broken Pipe review!

Broken Pipe Review - 1

Broken Pipe Review - 2

Broken Pipe Review - 3

Broken Pipe Review - 4

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