Quantum: Recharged Lands Today On Consoles

by EdEN, Owner

The next game in the Recharged series is here! Are you ready for some fast-paced arcade action on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch? Check out Quantum: Recharged!

Over 40 years since its arcade debut, Quantum: Recharged warps the classic arcade title with modern flourishes that have become a staple among the Recharged series. Defeat waves of enemies using your ship to circle around them and create a punishing deadzone. By removing the traditional ability to shoot enemies, this title challenges players to avoid taking damage and progress through increasingly difficult levels.

This Recharged release expands on the classic gameplay with a wider variety of deadly enemies and some new moves to even the odds. Accelerate to make some distance between you and a stalking Neutron and use your dodge to avoid the Quarks’ deadly laser attacks. With two modes of play, you can chase for high scores in both the endless arcade mode or 25 curated levels designed to push your reflexes to the limits.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Recharged title without some new beats from Megan McDuffee. Hear the music build in real time as your combo multiplier grows higher and higher. Try not to get hit!

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Quantum: Recharged Features:

Arcade Mode:
Survive as long as you can against progressively dangerous enemies until you’re out of lives.

Challenge Mode:
25 hand-crafted levels with unique challenges such as defeating a certain number of enemies within a period of time, each designed to make you think of new strategies to conquer them.

Power Ups:
Unlimited dodges, freezing enemies, and the critical extra life will spawn to help you turn the tables on your enemies.

Local Co-op:
Cover more ground with a friend across all modes of play to strategically clear out enemies in tandem.

Compete in global leaderboards in arcade and challenge modes

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Quantum: Recharged Review - 3

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