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The Master’s Pupil from Pat Naoum is a hand-painted puzzle adventure set inside Monet’s eye. Check our The Master’s Pupil review!

The Master’s Pupil from Pat Naoum is a hand-painted puzzle adventure set inside Monet’s eye. You’ll be taking on a biographical journey through Claude Monet’s life as you help him complete his masterpieces. As you explore each location inspired by the impressionist work of the master, you’ll get to experience an ever-changing world that reacts to the events that affected Monet’s life.

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You’ll be controlling a minimalist character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you jump with the A, B, X, or Y buttons…. and that’s it! You’ll be pushing some colorful yarn balls here and there to complete puzzles, but the controls are as simple as they can get so that you can focus on the puzzles and Monet’s paintings. Run left and right, and jump to overcome obstacles as you move from platform to platform.

Color plays a big role in The Master’s Pupil. To be able to progress further through each of the 12 levels this game offers. You’ll have to use colors to remove barriers that stand in your way. You can do this by either bringing a yarn ball that matches that barrier’s color so that it tries to absorb it and is thus removed, or you can use your character as a blank canvas, absorbing the color from the colorful fumes you’ll find.

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Things start off easy enough by having you use a single color to remove a barrier, with the primary colors – red, yellow, and blue – being all you’ll have to worry about using for a handful of the puzzles. You’ll soon have to combine colors to clear some sections. Combine yellow and blue to make green. Combine red and blue to make purple. You get the picture. Just be careful not to jump into the black smoke, or you’ll die!

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The Master’s Pupil is a fun, minimalist hand-painted puzzle adventure set inside Claude Monet’s eye. As you progress further and further in this journey while exploring the 12 levels that the game has to offer, you’ll get to experience how Monet’s art started to change due to his condition, with cataracts getting in the way of his art. It’s an experience that should take you around 3 hours or so to complete, with a good difficulty curve that introduces more challenging puzzles at a steady pace that are presented as Monet’s hardships continue to increase. The Master’s Pupil is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 price tag.

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This The Master’s Pupil review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Pat Naoum.

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