Death Becomes You Out Today

by EdEN, Owner

Visual novel Death Becomes You from Ratalaika Games and Quill Game Studios will be launching today on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

A magical murder mystery visual novel full of dark secrets
Death Becomes You is a murder mystery visual novel set in a magical university. Who murdered your best friend?

You find 4 suspicious students at the scene. As all of them turn on you and accuse you of the murder, how can you find the truth and prove your innocence?

Untangle the reasons behind Lyra’s death by building friendships with 4 of your fellow magic students. What dark motives and complicated relationships will you discover?

Death Becomes You Review - 1

Death Becomes You Features:

* Multiple routes and 10+ endings (1 true end)

* Complex characters to discover

* 77,000 word story

* Chamber ensemble original soundtrack composed by Jeffrey Clements

Death Becomes You Review - 2

Death Becomes You Review - 3

Death Becomes You Review - 4

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