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Succubus from Playway and Madmind Studio places you in the role of Vydija, priestess of lust, on a journey of revenge. Learn more in our Succubus review!

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Succubus from Playway and Madmind Studio places you in the role of Vydija, priestess of lust, on a journey of revenge. It’s time to take on hell and its minions to recover your spot. As a succubus who rejected the role of queen of the infernal abyss after realizing that a life of luxury – you can only walk over so many rugs sewn from the skins of martyrs before you’re done with the whole thing – you were betrayed by your own species which are under the command of Baphomet.

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The game is a Rated M for Mature experience, which right from the start means this is not going to be for everyone. As you can tell from the trailer and screens in this Succubus review, the game certainly earns its. As per the description for said rating, this one has “Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language.” The game matches the Steam build for the game content-wise, minus the Unrated add-on for the game, hence the pixels around some of the more sensitive areas of characters.

Since the game is played from a first-person perspective, you’ll control Vydija with the left analog stick as you look around with the right one. Light attacks are mapped to the R1 buttons. These can be used to unleash some quick attacks that won’t deal a lot of damage but can help you chip away at your opponent’s health. You can switch weapons by pressing right on the D-Pad. Every weapon has an alternate attack, which you can trigger by pressing and holding down the R1 button.

When you damage an enemy enough, you’ll get a chance to perform an execution with the L2 button. You’ll get a chance to do this when you can see they have a yellow glow. Every execution you perform will help you recover some health and rage. The R2 button can be used to unleash a power, which will cost power charges. These are renewed over time or by inflicting melee damage. The L2 button can be pressed to pull enemies or objects toward you.

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Rage will also be built up by inflicting damage or by receiving damage. When the rage bar is full, you’ll be able to activate your Fury. You can do this by pressing in on the right analog stick. Once activated, Fury will allow you to slow down time considerably. This means that you will be able to attack your opponents over and over again while they take forever to try and retaliate. Since it’s a very powerful skill, you won’t be able to use Fury forever, so be sure to make it count!

The view will sometimes change to a third-person perspective, such as when you’re trying to climb. A marker will let you know where your next objective is. You can press the Triangle button to call up this marker as needed. While moving around, you might want to press the X button to perform a short quick dash around the area. The Circle button will be for kicks, and it can also be used to interact when needed.

If you’re the type of gamer who likes to 100% games, there are several extra things to do during your time with Succubus. For each area, you’ll be able to work on sidequests. These include objectives such as defeating a set number of enemies with tentacles, destroying X number of small demons, inflicting Y wounds, defeating X number of enemies with spikes, defeating a ton of enemies with a scythe, and more.

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There will be some collectibles for you to find. You can try to complete the bestiary by finding all golden figurines and smashing them. There are also some special hidden worms you need to find and destroy. There are also more than 20 comics for you to collect. And as you defeat enemies, you’ll collect the souls of the fallen. You can use these souls as the in-game currency to purchase armor from the aptly titled armor store. Each armor you can buy will have different parameters and powers for you to consider. You can also purchase new weapons that will have better stats when compared to your starting set.

The game has a full trophy list with a Platinum, for which you’ll need to make 14 Bronze trophies, 5 Silver trophies, and 7 Gold trophies pop. Along with defeating 666 warriors – a number that was to be expected given the setting and overall theme for Succubus –there are also trophies for defeating specific bosses, completing the game, defeating 20 enemies in slow motion, letting the game idle for 50 seconds, traveling 3 km by using the dash, dropping an opponent into lava, completing all quests, or completing the full bestiary, to name some examples.

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As Vydija, the priestess of lust, you’ll go on a quest for vengeance in Succubus on PlayStation 4. It features over-the-top violence as you make your way through hell, as well as nudity that is pixelated to make it possible for the game to get a release – hence it’s Rated M for Mature category. This is the same way that the Steam version is presented – minus the Unrated add-on you can get on Steam. Gameplay-wise, other than some framerate hiccups here and there and a graphical downgrade while making the jump to Sony’s console, the hacking and slashing parts of the equation work. As expected, and given the overall premise and presentation, this is a game that won’t be for everyone. Succubus is out on PlayStation 4 with a $24.99 price tag.

This Succubus review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Madmind Studio.

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