Can Smash-and-Grab Games Keep You Entertained in the Long Run?

by Palabar

Adventure games where the hero defeats multiple opponents and then gathers valuable loot will never go out of fashion.

This simple repetitive gaming pattern is enough to keep players engaged for long periods at a time. However, players regularly go from one smash-and-grab game to another as this pattern can end up being monotonous and as these games become one- dimensional. In order to keep a game relevant and in order to keep players engaged, studios allow for online and multiplayer functionalities, and, on most occasions, this seems to lead to positive results.

Smash and Grab Games Are not for Everyone

The gaming community is extremely big, as billions of people use one or more devices in order to play their favorite games on a regular basis. Many of these players do not fancy games where the hero defeats everyone and gets rich. Instead, they may be interested in games with a motorsports theme, in games of strategy, in sports video games or in story-based games. Each and every type of game has its own form of reward system, as the player needs to get something in return for completing a mission, but, in most cases, the reward will not be loot which you will not be able to fit in your inventory.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - 4

Many other players are not so much into traditional video gaming and to titles where you complete a mission and then get a “carrot” for pushing through. These kinds of players will find more satisfaction in slot games such as Sticky Bandits Wild Return, where your reward for winning is actual money. If one is a fan of slot or of other casino games and if they enjoy playing games of chance, then it is certain that they will find a wide variety of games of chance where the gameplay has nothing to do with smashing and grabbing.

A Triple-A Game that Crashed and Burned

As mentioned above, smash and grab games are great, but they can easily reach their saturation point. A very good example of such a game is Marvel’s Avengers. This game was promoted in a thousand ways, it allowed players to control the world’s most popular superheroes and it had that RPG element that can make people stick with a video game. However, it did not manage to live up to the expectations of the players. After playing the game for a few hours, players started getting bored of doing the same thing over and over again and, in the end, many of them gave up on the game.

Some Studios Know How to Balance Things

Just because a game like Marvel’s Avengers could not make it in the long run, it does not mean that every smash-and-grab game will have to share the same fate. There are many similar games out there where smashing and grabbing, repetitive patterns and monotonous gameplays are not an issue. Two very good examples are Nioh and Wo Long. Both games were developed by the same people and even though they have many similarities, they can keep players entertained for more than a thousand hours. Nioh and Nioh 2 were great, even if players could not keep up with the in-game rewarding system, but Wo Long is even better, as it has managed to improve the management of your in-game inventory. On top of that, you get fewer unnecessary items, and instead you get items that can actually help you while you are playing.

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