The Companion Out On Nintendo Switch

by EdEN, Owner

Narrative adventure The Companion from RedDeerGames and Studio 46 is out now on Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Embark on an adventure to a magical world beyond time and space. Witness the heartbreaking story of a shattered family and become a part of their tale before it ends in tragedy.

Explore seven majestic landscapes, darting through them as an agile fox spirit. Experience the world’s beauty and help save others from its ugliness. Become the ultimate Companion.


Create a connection to the real world, collect Essence, and uncover Artifacts to solve this giant puzzle. If you feel lost, summon spiritual creatures to guide you.

The Companion Review - 1

The Companion Features:

– Story Focused Gameplay

– A beautiful soundtrack

– Relaxing Gameplay Loop

– Single-player mode

– Simple progression system

– A charming fox spirit

The Companion Review - 2

The Companion Review - 3

The Companion Review - 4

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