[PlayStation 5] MY LITTLE PONY Pinball Review

by EdEN, Owner

Ready to see why friendship is magic on Pinball FX? Then be sure to check out our MY LITTLE PONY Pinball review!

It’s time to check out a new pinball table for Pinball FX from Zen Studios, so let’s dive into MY LITTLE PONY Pinball! MY LITTLE PONY Pinball brings us a new take on the beloved world of MY LITTLE PONY: Friendship is Magic, which means you’ll get to play on a table set in Equestria, with all main characters from the series represented in the middle of the table. Oh, and the dot matrix display on the pinball machine is purple because what other color could it possibly be?

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Your time with MY LITTLE PONY Pinball will begin by shooting the ball out of Pinky Pie’s party cannon. You need to time this right so that you can select the bonus you can get right away! There are five Mane Modes to activate – get it? By shooting the corresponding colored lanes, since each one is themed around one of Twilight Sparkle’s friends: Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy

The games that you’ll play with each of them are Cupcakes, Party Preparations, Buckball, Applebuck Season, and Animals. During Cupcakes, you’ll have to shoot the lanes to bake Pinkie Pie her favorite cupcakes, with good and great shots. Party Preparations requires you to shoot a lane or sinkhole to help Rarity bring her party closer to being ready to go. In Buckball, you must shoot the lanes to help Rainbow Dash and her team pass the Buckball around. Applebuck Season is a fun one since it requires you to collect the many apples on the playfield to boost your score. The last one is Animals, during which you will need to help Fluttershy care for her animals.

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As expected, once all five Mane Modes have been properly completed, you’ll gain access to Wizard Mode. Activate Wizard Mode by shooting at the sinkhole. Once ready, you’ll have to be quick so that you can send the ball through each of the lanes to collect the many available jackpots. If you time your shots just right, you can aim at the Tree of Harmony at the back of the table to score a massive super jackpot!

Unlike pinball tables and pinball packs made available for the other pinball platforms from Zen Studios, there are no additional trophies to work on during your time with this one. That means you’ll still be working on unlocking all of the trophies included in the base Pinball FX. The list is split into 7 Bronze trophies, a single Silver trophy, and 2 Gold trophies. You’ll have to post a score in any official event, create your own tournament, unlock all rewards for a season, earn a gold or diamond event cup, unlock a table award, score 1,000,000,000 in total playing your tables, and play all game modes on a table. Unlocking your first collectible item, customize your profile with a badge, a frame, and a background, and play a game on any table. You will be unlocking collectibles and an award as you play each table, so you’ll at least get to see a pop-up every now and then.

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MY LITTLE PONY Pinball is available for Pinball FX at a $5.49 asking price to add it to your collection. There’s also the option of taking the table for a spin as part of the Pinball FX Pinball Pass, either with a 30 days monthly pass for 150 Pinball Coins – which retails for $14.99 – or within a one-year pass for 1,200 Pinball Coins – which retails for $99.99. The Pinball Pass will also give you access to dozens of other tables, so if you’re a pinball fan, it’s certainly great value.

This MY LITTLE PONY Pinball review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Zen Studios.

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