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Mia and the Dragon Princess from Wales Interactive and Good Gate Media is a live-action interactive movie experience in which you’ll follow Mia and a mysterious woman in an action-packed adventure. Check our Mia and the Dragon Princess review!

A live-action, interactive buddy-action movie, following Mia, a plucky barmaid whose life is thrown into chaos when a mysterious woman turns up at her workplace, on the run from a group of violent thugs and unable to speak English.


Mia and the Dragon Princess is a live-action interactive movie from Wales Interactive and Good Gate Media, who also made earlier games in the same genre like the recently released Ten Dates, or The Complex or even Late Shift, to name a few examples. In this new release, we’ll be following Mia as she stumbles on a mysterious pirate woman named Mashanda.

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The story begins way back in the 18th century, during a time when sea pirates were common. Marshanda and her friend Kat Morgan are at sea when their boat disappears. Marshanda then wakes up in present-day London. As you can imagine, she’s extremely confused by the whole situation. She has a compass on her wrist that points somewhere. She’ll follow her gut feeling and try to recover the objects that are pointed by this compass.

As is the case with previous FMV game releases from Wales Interactive, you’ll have to select dialogue options depending on how you want to reply. Selecting different options will usually lead to different scenes, and there are different story paths that can be taken. This adds some replay value to the roughly two hours or so runtime for a single run. There’s also a story tree that shows the different routes that can be taken, which will definitively help subsequent playthroughs if you’re looking to see all the branches.

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On the presentation side, the production values are high, and the actors do a great job portraying their roles. Keep in mind this isn’t an AAA movie, so just sit back and enjoy as the story unfolds. Being an FMV video game, I expected great video quality, but the movie bitrate quality was slightly too compressed for my taste, even in the PlayStation 5 build I played. Similarly, the sound is uneven, and some scenes’ volume is so off of balance that you’ll need to rush to the controller to raise or lower the volume. Finally, there are a few CGI effects, and honestly, they were very underwhelming.

The trophies for Mia and the Dragon Princess are tied to specific decisions taken during the game, so you could end your first run after only making a few of them pop. The list includes 4 Bronze trophies, 6 Silver trophies, and 8 Gold trophies. As you replay the game and experience all the scenes, you’ll naturally achieve a new Platinum trophy for your collection. And since this game is Cross-Buy between the PS4 and PS5 versions, you can work on two Platinum trophies for the same price!

Mia and the Dragon Princess is a fun, action-packed new interactive movie experience for gamers liking the genreĀ­. I liked the action scenes, the overall game presentation, and exploring the dialogue tree. This game is easy to recommend to gamers who like to play FMV games and for trophy hunters looking for a new simple Platinum trophy. Mia and the Draong Princess is out at a $12.99 price.

This Mia and the Dragon Princess review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Wales Interactive.

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