[PlayStation 4] Match Ventures 2 Review

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Match Ventures 2 from Ocean Media is a match-3 type puzzle game in which you explore the secrets of Cliffmont Castle. Check our Match Ventures 2 review!

Unravel the secrets of Cliffmont Castle in this enchanted match-3 journey! Explore vast levels, collect precious treasures and solve tricky puzzles on your quest among the cavernous dungeons. But be wary the malevolent Dragon Master Dragor has returned with his evil horde to Crimson Valley. Fight off enemies, explore mysterious passageways, and with the help of Finley the Leprechaun, build strongholds to defend the Kingdom from the dark invasion.

Match Ventures 2 from Ocean Media is a match-3 puzzle game featuring events set in a medieval world. You’ll begin your adventure by creating your avatar face using a few presets, and then you’re ready for the adventure. As the game begins, you’ll have a recap of the events that happened in the previous Match Venture quest. The evil dragon master Dragor ravaged the country, but you managed to defeat it. Peace has returned to the Kingdom thanks to you. However, Dragor seems to still be alive!

Match Ventures 2 PS4 Review

There are two different modes for the game since you can play in either Normal or Relaxed, thus giving you unlimited moves. I enjoyed most of the game in Relaxed since I prefer to take my time going through a bit of a trial-and-error cycle in this type of game. As for the gameplay, matching three tiles together will destroy them. Matching four or more together makes an exploding item appear, which is helpful in achieving the level objective.

I was honestly impressed by the levels as they are multi-layered, and you’ll often need to move from one layer to the other in order to get items needed to progress on other layers. This was cool and added depth to a still basic type of game, and it didn’t feel generic. You’ll also have some events that will unfold as you find new items. You’ll also collect money through the levels that serve to upgrade your castle.

On the presentation side, this game isn’t very impressive. The graphics are simple, and the textures of the tiles are bland. We know that PlayStation 5 console is capable of a lot more, but this is to be expected for a puzzle game making the jump from PC or mobile to console without being designed specifically for what the PlayStation 5 has to offer. The soundtrack was fine, but it didn’t stay in my head after I finished a gaming session.

As for the trophies, they are pretty standard, but it will take a little while for you to achieve the Platinum trophy. The list includes 4 Bronze trophies, 10 Silver trophies, and 7 Gold trophies. They are unlocked for progressing through the game, enhancing your castle several times, obtaining lots of money, making 12 matches with 4 tiles in a single level, making 8 matches with 5 tiles in a single level, replaying a level, exploding 100 bombs, and more.

Match Ventures 2 PS5 Review

You’ve most likely already played a match-3 type of game. As far as this goes, it’s not a groundbreaking experience, but that’s usually not what you’re looking for in a match-3 experience. While the gameplay mechanics work, the presentation did feel a bit average. Match Ventures 2 is out on PlayStation 5 at $11.99.

This Match Ventures 2 review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Ocean Media.

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