Eschatos Gets Physical On Switch And PS4

by EdEN, Owner

Strictly Limited Games and Qute Corporation got in touch to announce that pre-orders are live for exclusive and highly limited boxed editions of Eschatos for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

In Eschatos aliens have taken over the moon and now threaten to do the same to earth. It’s your job to prevent that from happening. To do that your ship is equipped with three different functions, with each being suited for different situations.

The Front Shot shoots a powerful beam in a straight line, the Wide Shot shoots at an angle and the Shield absorbs shots and damages enemies, but works on a limited energy meter. Using them to adapt to each situation is key.

Easy to learn, hard to master is the name of the game; but thankfully there are five difficulty options to help you find your groove and if you have mastered ORIGINAL MODE, try your hand at ADVANCED MODE (no upgrades) or TIME ATTACK MODE.

The Limited Edition is limited to 2,600 individually numbered copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,300 for PS4, at a price of €29.99/$29.99.

The Collector’s Edition is limited to 1,400 individually numbered copies for Nintendo Switch and 700 for PS4, at a price of €69.99/$69.99.

Eschatos Review - 1

Eschatos Review - 2

Eschatos Review - 3

Eschatos Review - 4

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