What Makes PlayStation the Best Platform for Gaming?

by Palabar

Did you know that there are 106 million active PlayStation users? That’s a lot of people!

It’s quite clear to see that PlayStation is considered one of the best gaming platforms in the world, and this has been the case for quite some time now. But what is it about PlayStation that makes it such a great choice? Let’s explore further…

You can enjoy more story-driven games

It’s fair to say that Xbox is well-known for having an excellent multi-playing community. However, PlayStation really takes the top spot when it comes to story-driven games that truly immerse you in the plot.

These games have proven to be exceptionally popular. They keep you on the edge of your seat while making it feel like you’re truly immersed in what’s happening.

Some of the most popular story-driven games for the PlayStation include:


Death Stranding

Horizon Forbidden West

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

● The Last of Us Part I

● God of War

The Last of Us - Part I Review - 3

PlayStation has a sleeker feel

Most gamers would agree that PlayStation consoles have a very sleek feel to them. Of course, the appearance of the gaming console is not the be-all and end-all, but it really does add to the experience.

The console is polished and easy to use, and this helps to create a much more enjoyable experience. It also makes it a lot easier to get to grips with any new games when the console is so modern and user-friendly.

Sony isn’t afraid to innovate and try something new

Sony has made a name for itself as a business that’s not afraid to venture into new areas and try something different. We can see this in the number of different devices the brand has
created to complement the PlayStation.

Some examples here include the PlayStation Gold Headset, the PlayStation Vita, and the PlayStation Portable. And, of course, we cannot talk about complementary devices without mentioning the PlayStation VR headset.

PlayStation’s VR2 headset has become the industry leader in the world of VR and gaming. You can enjoy premium graphics, an immersive virtual reality experience, and a wide range of VR games to go with it. Plus, this seems only to be the beginning when it comes to the capability of virtual reality and PlayStation.

PS VR2 Launch Edition

You can do more than play PlayStation games

PlayStation consoles enable you to do more than play specially created PlayStation games. You can also connect to the web, where you can watch videos and play other games on your browser, such as the blockchain Megaways slotgame, amongst many more casino-based games.

PlayStation takes the gaming crown

When you consider everything we have discussed above, it’s not difficult to see why PlayStation takes the crown when it comes to the world of gaming.

From the range of exclusive games to the incredible graphics and gaming experience, PlayStation has perfected the gaming experience.

Horizon Forbidden West Review - 2

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