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Gunman Tales from Ratalaika Games and FobTi Interactive is an arcade shooter game set in the Wild West. Check our Gunman Tales review!

You’re a wild west bounty hunter on a mission to find the Legendary Lost Treasure. Along the way you will have to defeat many outlaws and retain their gold and useful items to increase your abilities so that you might survive the perils.

In Gunman Tales from Ratalaika Games and FobTi Interactive, you are a bounty hunter on a mission to find the legendary lost treasure. You’re not alone in this particular endeavor, so you’ll end up running into other bounty hunters that have that same specific objective.

The first game mode is Adventure Mode, and as a newcomer, this one felt confusing. Your character is seen on the town map (pictured below), and you only see his hat. There are three AI-controlled players that also have their hats on the city map. You can go into the few available locations or duel the other AI-controlled players.

Gunman Tales PS5 Review

Entering a location will lead to an on-rails shooter in which you must get rid of every enemy on screen in a twin-stick shooter style. Dueling one of the other AI-controlled players is mainly pressing the X button at the right time to win the duel. The Adventure Mode felt underwhelming, but if you’re here knowing that this is a Ratalaika Games release and you’re here for the new Platinum trophy, you barely need to play Adventure Mode at all since only one trophy is tied to it, and it can be earned in a matter of seconds.

The Arcade Mode is where all of the other trophies are unlocked, so if you’re here for the trophies, this is the one you will want to play. Basically, Arcade Mode is composed of all the shooting stages of Adventure Mode in quick succession. You’ll have to fire at every enemy you see on screen and avoid getting hit yourself to win each of the few stages. In all honesty, playing this was okay, but the fun factor wears fast. The game’s presentation is fine and looks like a CRT screen from the 16-bit era. I liked the inclusion of scanlines. As for the soundtrack, it was actually great and fun to listen to. The sound effects were repetitive since you’ll be firing all of the game.

Gunman Tales PS4 Review

You can expect to earn two new Platinum trophies for your effort since the game is Cross-Buy between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with separate trophy lists. You’ll get one trophy for playing a first level in the Adventure mode – you just have to get rid of two enemies in quick succession, which should happen without you even realizing it. Then in the Arcade mode, you have to win the first three levels, along with firing at a chicken and a ghost – both of which can be found in the first level. There’s only one “missable” trophy that asks you to fire twice at a goldfish in the third level. If you need some help with the trophies, you can check out this Gunman Tales Trophy Guide.

Gunman Tales PlayStation Review

Gunman Tales should definitively be seen as an easy Platinum trophy because, in that case, it is easy to recommend to gamers looking to a two new Platinum to their trophy list thanks to its budget price of $6.99. If getting two new Platinums isn’t your main objective, I would recommend passing on this one since the gameplay of this one is below average, and the fun factor wears off fast.

This Gunman Tales review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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