Paleo Pines On Its Way To Consoles

by EdEN, Owner

Colorful Paleo Pines gives you a chance to visit a charming island packed with friendly dinosaurs and quirky people to meet. Come check it out!

Welcome to Paleo Pines, a charming island known for its friendly dinosaurs, quirky townsfolk, and mysterious past. Here evolution took a different path, creating a world in which humans and dinosaurs live together in harmony!

Set out with your dino companion, Lucky, to uncover the island’s secrets and discover new dinos. Your arrival on the island is met with welcome curiosity by the local townsfolk who can help you on your quest (and just might give you more work to do!). Together with Lucky, build a thriving ranch, assist local villagers, befriend adorable dinosaurs, and unearth the island’s lost history to build your cozy dino sanctuary.

Paleo Pines Review - 1

Paleo Pines Review - 2

Paleo Pines Review - 3

Paleo Pines Review - 4

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