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Unheard – Voices of Crime from NExT Studios and 505 Games is an interesting game in which crime scenes can speak to you… quite literally! Find out more in our Unheard – Voices of Crime review!

Unheard – Voices of Crime from NEXT Studios and 505 Games is an interesting game in which crime scenes can speak to you… quite literally! The game is an audiovisual experience, so playing with headphones is highly recommended. As for the overall premise, the person in front of you mentions that technology has changed how you can conduct investigations, so they’re looking for individuals that can test a new human-computer interface system. You’ll be shown a series of pictures, and you’re asked to tell them what it is that you see and, most importantly, what it is that you hear.

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Once you grab the tablet in front of you, you’ll be able to press play to start the recording. Press the L button to get it going. You’ll have to pay attention to what is going on so that you’ll be able to match names to the voices you hear so that you can unravel the truth. Select sound sources and then select the name that you think matches the voice so that you can start to get a better sense of things.

The game will walk you through this process during the initial scenario you’ll review. It’s here that you’ll learn that you must move your character with the left analog stick so that you can keep up with the different audio sources as they move around the crime scene. Each space contains different parts of the story, so you should be sure to move around and explore all of them to find out everything you can. Before replaying the audio, you can move around each room to get a glimpse of some new elements.

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You can pause the recording at any time by pressing the L button. Pressing and holding down the R button will reset the recording without removing the names you’ve already assigned to each sound source. By pressing the ZL or ZR buttons you can fast reverse or fast forward through the recording as needed. After finding out the truth about the first case and submitting your answer to the question about who committed the crime, you’ll be using the Acoustic Detective System to review and solve cold cases, as well as to assist with new ones as they develop.

It’s hard to review games like Unheard – Voices of Crime because sharing too much information could end up spoiling the experience for someone else. What is presented in this review provides the general idea of what you’ll be taking on, but it’s up to you to give it a go so that you can better understand why it’s certainly a unique experience on Nintendo’s console that is worth checking out. Along with the main game, you’re also getting The Lethal Script DLC at no extra cost. This adds another case in which you’ll be investigating a movie industry mystery at the Peak Hotel. Unheard – Voices of Crime review is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 asking price.

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This Unheard – Voices of Crime review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by 505 Games.

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