Mia and the Dragon Princess – New Trailer

by EdEN, Owner

Wales Interactive got in touch to share the trailer for new FMV interactive action movie Mia and the Dragon Princess. Come check it out!

A live-action, interactive action movie following Mia, a plucky barmaid whose life is thrown into chaos when a mysterious woman turns up at her workplace, on the run from a group of violent thugs and unable to speak English.

Mia dreams of adventure, but her feeling of responsibility to her workmates – who have become her surrogate family – keeps her working at a job she’s bored of, living a life she didn’t want. When a mysterious woman (Marshanda) turns up scared and on the run, Mia’s decision to take her under her wing and try to discover her identity leads her down a path of intrigue, mystery and danger.

The viewer’s choices will guide Mia through the adventure and will determine her fate, as well as that of the whole group. Throughout the game, your interactions could increase your knowledge around the identity of the mysterious woman, but the way Mia deals with the rest of the group will also have an impact, so each choice needs to be carefully considered.

Mia and the Dragon Princess Features:

Starring Paul McGann (Doctor Who) and MyAnna Buring (The Witcher)

Starring ‘Chinese Kickboxing’ Black Belt, Dita Tantang

Fight stunts by martial artist ‘Ginger Ninja Trickster’ aka Aaron Gassor

Action designed by Marcus Shakesheff (WonderWoman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Game of Thrones)

Real-time Attribute Tracking that evolves based on your choices and influences the story

Multi-optional storytelling with 10 different outcomes

Mia and the Dragon Princess Review - 5

Mia and the Dragon Princess Review - 4

Mia and the Dragon Princess Review - 3

Mia and the Dragon Princess Review - 2

Mia and the Dragon Princess Review - 1

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