Farm Slider Launches This Week

by EdEN, Owner

Chill and colorful minimalist sliding puzzler Farm Slider from 2Awesome Studio will land on consoles on April 14. Come check it out!

A minimalist sliding tile puzzle game set in a colorful farm area.
With colorful and minimalistic sliding puzzles, Farm Slider is easy to play, challenging to finish and impossible to put down! Challenge your brain and enjoy several hours of puzzling fun, suited for all ages.

Featuring lots of levels with different farm towns pictures but there’s an issue: they are all out of place! Slide your way through and rearrange the pictures until they match the original in order to complete the level.

Some levels may seem impossible at first, but we promise: they can all be done! Try different combinations until you get the perfect combination — the challenge will be worth it!

Farm Slider Features:

– Easy to learn, hard to master”” sliding puzzle gameplay

– Colorful minimalistic farm settings

– 48 brain stimulating levels suited for all ages

Farm Slider Review - 3

Farm Slider Review - 2

Farm Slider Review - 1

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