[PS4] Alice In Wonderland – A Jigsaw Puzzle Tale Review

by Ajescent

Alice in Wonderland – A jigsaw puzzle tale is a chill puzzle game from QUByte Interactive and Mens Sana Interactive. Check our Alice in Wonderland – A jigsaw puzzle tale review!

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Mmm… that doesn’t sound right. It appears my summary of this game is in pieces. Excuse me whilst I try to reassemble it into a more understandable structure. Let’s see… so the game is called Alice in Wonderland – a Jigsaw puzzle tale. Whilst a cumbersome title does tell you exactly what the game from developer Mens Sana Interactive and publisher QUByte Interactive is going to give you.

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As you can imagine, this is a jigsaw puzzle game with an Alice in Wonderland theme. There are twelve puzzles to complete, each with different levels of difficulty, from 60 to 735 pieces in total. The 60-piece puzzles are a simple, casual affair designed for those who just want a nice relaxing puzzle to complete. The 735 pieces are for people for whom games like Doom or Super Meatboy no longer cut it. Whilst you need to complete the first puzzle to unlock the next one, the game is pretty relaxed on which “difficulty” you complete the puzzles. If like me, you pretended the 700+ pieces puzzles don’t exist, then you will most certainly consider this game to be a fun game for people who like jigsaws. It should be noted that all 12 puzzles need to be completed in the 735 pieces variant if you wish to attain the Platinum trophy for this game, so good luck with that if you are interested!

Is there mention of the controls somewhere in the summary? Let’s see if I can figure out what the summary of the controls are. You can use the left analog stick or the D-pad to move your cursor around and hold the X button to drag pieces to where you think they should be. If they match, then you will be able to release the X button to attach it to its place or to an adjoining piece. The game is pretty relaxed about where you leave pieces and will allow you to place them slapdashedly. Should you unintentionally mislay a piece, the game has a function that allows you to highlight pieces that fall under one of five categories. You can either highlight border pieces or pieces that would fit into one of the four quadrants. I found this function to be extremely useful when completing puzzles in the higher difficulty settings.

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Some hardened puzzle solvers may consider this cheating as it all but clues you in on how to complete the puzzles, and I found myself trying to avoid using the feature as I progressed in my playthrough. Arguably, this is no different from looking at the back of the box to figure out what an area should look like, and this function arguably tries to emulate that in a way considering the fact that you do not gain access to the artwork until you finish the puzzle for at least the first time. Whilst you may find yourself trying to avoid using all of its controls, it should be noted that the controls are solid and well-implemented.

Going back to the artwork for a moment, artist Katia Numakura provides the artwork for this game. Her distinct style is all over the game, and if you are familiar with her work, suddenly, everything makes sense. I felt that the art here was inferior to her other work. Do note that it is great in its own right, and the little animations instilled in the pictures upon completion are cute. I just felt that her other work was much better. This is no doubt a personal opinion and does not take much away from the experience of the game.

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All in all, Alice in Wonderland is a nice and relaxing experience. The music by Tatyana Jacques adds a soothing melody to the experience. Whilst calming at first, it can get a little jarring due to its repetition, though in fairness, this is more to do with the frustration that can build should you find yourself struggling with completing the puzzles.

Alice in Wonderland is a straightforward, simple game that knows what it wants to do and does it well, with everything else feeling a tiny bit undercooked. The puzzle element works well, and if that is what you want, then for $3.99, this is not exactly what you want. Whilst, like me, you may have advocated for the game having multiplayer because the idea of completing puzzles with a partner does sound appealing (though I fully understand the decision not to, as screen real estate can become an issue with two players), there is not much else to say about this game.

Alice In Wonderland - A Jigsaw Puzzle Tale Review - 4

Oh! Here it is! My summary of the game! It’s always nice when all the pieces fall together.

Alice in Wonderland – a Jigsaw puzzle tale is a fun game for people who like jigsaws. The controls are solid, and the execution is well implemented. A solid recommendation.

This Alice in Wonderland – A jigsaw puzzle tale review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by QUByte Interactive

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