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UnderDungeon from RedDeerGames and Josyan tasks you with becoming the deadliest… delivery cat in the world. Learn more in our UnderDungeon review!

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UnderDungeon from RedDeerGames and Josyan tasks you with becoming the deadliest… delivery cat in the world. It’s a game that has clearly been inspired by the beloved The Legend of Zelda series. Your journey as Kimuto begins after obtaining the sword of destiny, ready to take on the mighty dragon. And just as Kimuto is about to slay the dragon… he wakes up! But not before hitting the snooze button a handful of times. Realizing he’s going to be late for his potential new job, he jumps out of bed and rushes out of the building.

When he gets there, Secretary Dorothy figures he’s going to apply for the computer tech job, but that’s not the case. He’s also not there to apply for the open accountant position or the one for an engineer. He’s definitely not fit to be a baker, either! After she asks about working as a carpenter and an astronaut, he finally manages to let her know he’s trying to get the delivery person gig.

After meeting with boss Kring Koss, you’re hired on the spot and are provided with a sword for this particular job… wait, what now? It seems that lately, a lot of monsters have been popping up and have attacked delivery workers, hence why packages have gone missing. Since Unlimited Distribution doesn’t want that to happen again, giving you a sword makes sense, right? Unfortunately, you’re more of a Wizard than a Paladin, so you can’t use a stock sword as is, but you’ll find a way to get the job done.

As soon as you settle down next to the telephone, Dr. Zorpius calls you. It seems there’s a bit of an emergency since they had a little problem with one of the test tubes in the R&D department. Your task? To bring a mop right away! The mop should have been in the janitor’s closet, but it seems it might have been left behind at the sewers, so off you go into your first adventure. You’ll be supervised by Max, who just happens to look a lot like Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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Once you’re provided with your starter pack, you’ll be ready to find the mop! You’ll control Kimuto with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you interact with objects and characters with the A button. Once you find a pair of running shoes, you’ll be able to press in on the left analog stick to run at a faster pace. Since Kimuto is a Wizard, he’ll be able to summon a magic sword for a few seconds with the Y button to attack enemies. Pressing the X button can make the sword attack all around Kimuto, but this will consume some zrinkets, which act as the game’s mana. You can get other runes for more magical skills, such as a bubble that you can use to damage and encapsulate enemies, as well as to destroy rocks.

While that magical sword is very useful, you’ll need to find other items to help you survive. Bombs produce a powerful explosion that can help you break hard objects. A tupper is a very valuable object since it’s full of homemade food that will allow you to recover your lost health. Grab some smart mine Bombichu to make enemies go boom. Gum is very useful since it will create a protective shield around Kimuto that will break when hit. If you use an Iron Tonic, your attacks will hit twice as hard, but you’ll have a bitter taste in your mouth. You can switch between any items in your arsenal by pressing the L button so that you can then use them with the B button.

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Pressing the + button will open up the menu. From there, you can check your map to see how many rooms you need to explore and what each one contains. You can also directly open up the map section by pressing the – button. There’s the Junk section where you can see all of the junk that you’ve picked up along the way. Stuff such as keys to open doors or a large piece of cheese to lure out someone who might have, said, stolen a map. You will also grab some lost files here and there that have some extra backstory.

The money that you collect as you defeat monsters and open up treasure chests can be used to purchase items. You could buy a map for a new area that you’re visiting for the first time. Maybe you’d want to buy some extra bombs. There’s also the whole contract with Death thing. When you lose all of your health and die, Death will jump right in to claim your soul. You could either pay Death to give you another chance or sign a contract by which Death keeps half of your earnings, but if you die again and don’t have enough money to pay, you’re done.

As you take on each area, you should try to explore every single screen in full since you never know when you might find something as useful as a heart container that will grant you an extra heart! Be sure to check your map because if you think you’ve fully explored a room and it still has a question mark, then that means it’s hiding something. On that note, you’ll have to buy each area’s map as soon as possible to not run around in circles, so hopefully you’ll have enough money on you for this.

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UnderDungeon is a fun black and white top-down action adventure that takes inspiration from the beloved The Legend of Zelda series, especially from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. You’ll have to help Kimuto become the best delivery cat in the world, as you deliver all of the items requested by the company’s clients as you travel to some peculiar locations. UnderDungeon is out on Nintendo Switch with a $13.99 asking price.

This UnderDungeon review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by RedDeerGames.

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